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Visual Effects and Geometric Puzzle in the Latest GAN Kilim Collection


Overlays and visual effects come together as a geometric puzzle in the latest GAN kilim collection, created by the Swedish design team Front. Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist have expertly combined the patterns and geometries of traditional flooring with new shapes and colors, creating rugs that feature a three-dimensional matrix, accentuated by their irregular shapes. Parquet embraces GAN’s philosophy of integrating traditional and new elements with Scandinavian simplicity.

gan parquet rhomb 4

gan parquet rhomb 11

Using simple geometric figures with four to eight sides as building blocks, the renowned Swedish designers have created three models of reversible kilims: Tetragon, Rhomb, and Hexagon. The three designs are made completely from pure new wool in manual looms, operated by the skilled craftsmen and women of India. Their shapes move away from the classic rectangle, and the designs and colors manage to visually enlarge the space in which they are located, and open it to new dimensions, with daring and freshness.

gan parquet hexagon 2

gan parquet hexagon 5

gan parquet hexagon 3

Tetragon is the most colorful rug in this collection, with a balanced mix of grays, blue, yellow, pink and dark green. Rhomb takes a more organic shape, with less angular contours and a soberer chromatic range expressed in yellows, grays, and whites. Hexagon declines in reds and oranges, captured in cubic motifs divided into vertical lines that play to create overlays and stratifications. Each of the three models is available in two different sizes.

parquet tetragon 1

parquet tetragon 15

parquet tetragon 17