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Kitchen Design Trends 2018 / 2019 – Colors, Materials & Ideas


Often the kitchen is the domestic hart of the home and dictates is style arrangement and atmosphere. Especially in modern design homes where the open plan layout merges the kitchen with dining and living room premises the design style of the whole home is under the influence of the kitchen design selection. It is essentially what the colors, shapes, materials and functionality range of the kitchen zone will be and that sets the tone for the rest of the home design combinations. In this article, we will trace for you the hottest trends in kitchen design and furnishing for the upcoming season of 2018/2019 so you can have the general idea of what to look out for when designing your kitchen space.

kitchen trends 5

Image credit: Nicemakers

Kitchen Color Trends for Season 2018 / 2019

You are aware that the color section sets the tone for the design appearance and the atmosphere of any home – even the simplest argument becomes alive, vibrant and memorable when the accurate color selection is applied. This is especially valid for the kitchen – a premise where usually one spends a lot of time of its domestic life. For season 2018 / 2019 the trendy color choices will range from natural neutrals, oak, petrol-green and charcoal (with black accents) to sage, the upcoming exotic shades (with Orange dominated palette becoming a key color selection) and vibrant and bold color choices like deep-blue or dark, intense tonalities.

kitchen color trends 6

Image credit: next125

Two-toned kitchens and warm natural selections – like clay, copper, gold, henna, and ginger are becoming a hot choice selection for next season. Nature influence and reflections in coloring may be expected to have a strong stand next season – from the terracotta colored soil up to the green hues of the wilderness. There are signs that for the third year in a row the dark hues and tonalities will have a significant presence in the modern kicked color palette.

kitchen color trends 20

Image credit: next125

Here is one magnificent contemporary example of the two-toned kitchen design – the saffron yellow of the comfy kitchen islands (with a horizontal bar that allows the guest to be included in the food preparation proses) is in beautiful juxtaposition with the muted grays of the concrete base of the composition.

kitchen color trends 23

Image credit: Fala Atelier

As we mentioned the Deep-blue will be a hot trend and in this composition by Fala Atelier the Portuguese architecture studio it is cool how they had transformed an old house in Porto into contemporary and trendy home – with a strong colorful presence of the kitchen cabinetry and appliances in characteristic color.

kitchen color trends 12

Image credit: Key Cucine

It is interesting that the blue hues and tonalities give to the certain kitchen vintage or rustic charm and even when the set is contemporary in its appearance and functionality like in the case of Metalwood by  Key Cucine – the vintage hint is present.

kitchen color trends 11

Image credit: Key Cucine

kitchen color trends 9

Image credit: Beeck Kuechen

The Dark Colored Kitchens Are still Trendy

Some award winning kitchen designs include at least one dark color as a strong accent for the color arrangement. What it’s new is the search of contrast and juxtaposition – the dark colors are offset with lighter or brighter colors for kitchen designs and offer visually entertaining and appealing levels of color contrast.

kitchen color trends 24

Image credit: Rational

Here the dark shades of gray and a new color shade vino (based on Marsala, Pantone Color of the Year 2015) entwine in one cozy arrangement that includes vintage hints of the design. The kitchen Casa Vino by Rational combines all the advantages of a modern high-tech lifestyle with “old-fashioned“ cozy living.

kitchen trends 2

Image credit: Garcia Cumini

kitchen color trends 2

Image credit: eggersmann

kitchen color trends 3

Image credit: eggersmann

kitchen color trends 42

Image credit: eggersmann

kitchen color trends 19

Image credit: Rational

Another color design approach is the usage of natural and earthly color shades in a contemporary setting. The inspiration from nature represented by the highly attractive veneers – one in white glazed oak and other in Brazil glazed oak, take a central stage of the design, giving a unique note to the modern functional composition.

kitchen trends 8

Image credit: Lionel Jadot

kitchen trends 7

Image credit: De Rosee Sa

Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Materials & Finishes

Apparat from the trends in color when it comes to kitchen design there is a visible trend in the materials palette that composes the kitchen cabinetry and appliances. Blending sophisticated color selection with high-quality materials: wood, concrete, Corian, glass or organic glass, ceramic, stone or metal in different shades – becomes a recipe for unique and beautiful kitchen design. Varying the styles from classic to modern, from country house style to high-tech modernistic the designers play with the surfaces statement – matt and glossy, dark and light, with and without handles – each with its one density and appearance.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 16

Image credit: nobilia

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 22

Image credit: Dada Kitchens

Here is one excellent contemporary example of “the richness of simplicity” concept – this kitchen project of INDada entwines bright and modern shapes, materials and colors in one stylish and functional design with infinite configurations and poetic details.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 11

Image credit: eggersmann

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 6

Image credit: Key Cucine

Industrial Style Kitchens Are an Emerging Trend

Estivale Kitchen designed in collaboration with Benedini Associati – is combining the textures of the dramatic black marble top with the warm oak surfaces that add a rustic charm to the contemporary composition. The kitchen includes multiple structures that entwine the illuminated glass shelving glamour with the shining aluminum finishes in Liquid Metal brass colored satin antique. The combination of robust dark materials and warm wooden structures (with a vintage flavor) is always a winning combination when it comes to modern kitchen design.

kitchen color trends 4

Image credit: Key Cucine

kitchen color trends 5

Image credit: Key Cucine

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 37

Image credit: Leicht Küchen

This exquisite kitchen design Bondi by Leicht Küchen is presenting us with a skillful combination of contrast: the bright wood surfaces meet the velvety matt lacquer, the warm tone of the wood meets the cooler air of the carbon gray. The seamless transition from the dark countertops (decided in granite, marble or metal) into the light wooden cabinetry and structures possesses intriguing aesthetics. The fresh green accents add to the unique and charming composition of materials, textures, and colors.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 35

Image credit: Leicht Küchen

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 40

Image credit: Rational

Here is another kitchen design that includes the warm natural presence of the unpolished wood and the fresh green accents of living plants – the combination of oak and cappuccino soft lacquer work their magic to full effect.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 27

Image credit: Arclinea

Principia by Arclinea and Antonio Citterio: offers stylish, elegant and original combination of materials and colors. Entwining the untouched wooden structures and furnishings with stainless steel in innovative colors generated with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology, the designer offers unique experience and evolution of work zones in this kitchen project.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 28

Image credit: Arclinea

Transitional Style Kitchens or Urban Rustic

The transitional kitchens are one of our favorite design to explore – it offers a great variety of textural and materials combinations and includes dynamic mixture of vintage, classic and contemporary design elements. The great variety of artistic expressions and combinations offers to the designer’s freedom of expression that incorporates elements from both traditional and modern design – a trend that is just picking up speed. You can have a rustic kitchen in your trendy city apartment or an urban design with natural and cozy features. In the past few years, transitional was an important design style for kitchens; we expect to see transitional kitchens remaining popular.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 31

Image credit: DeVol

British designer-craftsman Sebastian Cox had designed series of kitchens for the English brand DeVol that they like to call “Urban – rustic” a very suitable name for this intriguing and artistic composition. Here are some examples of this unique aesthetics. Here we have contemporary and fashionable design elements (like lighting solution and material combinations) and high-tech appliances all clad and presented in natural and rustic style arrangement of wood and ceramic tiles.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 13

Image credit: DeVol

Woven coppiced-beech panels – a typical Cox touch, are used on the backs of some of the cabinets small design elements like drawers and sink unit are adorned with round copper-lined holes for opening, while the cupboards have little wooden knobs made from matching wood. Combining dynamics and expressive materials palette: copper, wood, marble, and glass; the designers entwined the rustic charm of a cottage with the high functionality requirements of modern life.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 14

Image credit: DeVol

In this DeVol kitchen marble countertops with light patterns are combined with stylish reclaimed wood cabinets with vintage presence all sustained in mild and neutral color palette that expresses freshness and ease.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 12

Image credit: DeVol

Trendy Kitchen Countertops – Materials and Colors

When it comes to modern kitchen design, trendy choices and innovative solutions the countertops of your kitchen arrangement need to be responsive not only to the style you choose but also to offer durability, functionalism and suitable appearance. So here are some summonses of the hottest and trendy materials for next year – design combinations that answer to style and quality requirements simultaneously.


Image credit: Neolith

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is attractive for its durability and its consistent color characteristics. Quartz offer impressive color selection in white, black or gray hues and are peaking up speed as a popular and functional choice in modern kitchen design.


Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite remains high on the list of trendy kitchen countertops for 2018. Granite is often cited as the most durable natural material available and is known for resisting cracks and chips well. Hot pots can be placed directly on the countertop, you can cut right on the surface without damage, and spills wipe away easily.


Marble Kitchen Countertops

As we have mentioned before – marble is synonymous with luxury and style, and it becomes a classic choice for any elegant setting. It is functional and stable material, has a great aesthetical and color selection, it responds well to temperature and mechanical damage; only with stains, one should be careful.



Metal Kitchen Countertops

Metal is always trendy and fashionable choice mainly for more urban or modernistic design arrangements – as we know the shine of the metal is irresistible. Newest technologies and innovations offer durability and rust avoidance for the metal surfaces designed for kitchen countertops.


Image credit: Neolith

kitchen trends 6

Image credit: Neolith

Reclaimed Wood Countertop

And of course for the ones that prefer more natural and stylish appearance wood is always a beautiful and aesthetic choice. Lately, the Reclaimed wood countertop becomes a hot choice for kitchen design – it is sustainable and Nature-friendly, so it is a conscious choice. It’s well known that using wood, unlike natural stones such as marble and granite, is an environmentally more sustainable resource because wood is renewable and using reclaimed wood is even more so, because of is double use. So reclaimed wood countertop is not only carrying irresistible charm and personality into your kitchen design but is also the right choice for the planet.



Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for the Next Season

To summon – what are the newest trends when it comes to kitchen design and furnishing? Where two parallel tendencies in contemporary kitchen design for this season and their distinction is based on the material selection. The first tendency is orientated towards the traditional craft appearance, and natural atmosphere and they require a lot of craftsmanship and handy work- row materials usage, simple and clean silhouettes with row ages that still preserves the minimalist appearance of modern furniture design without too much decoration and ornaments. The wooden elements are dominating those types of trendy kitchens design even if they are connected and represented as a laminate of parquet surfaces. Typical examples of this trend in modern kitchen design are the projects of DeVol.

modern kitchen design ideas 7

Image credit: DeVol

The other tendency this season are the opposite design methods – using high-tech innovations of materials and surfaces the designers create large and massive volumes with shining surfaces and simple shapes. Here we can also observe the presence of wooden elements, but in those cases, they are used more as additions and artistic details not as a leading material selection. Dark colors and contrast are also eminent. The kitchen designs by Mina and bulthaup are a wonderful representation of this trend.

modern kitchen design ideas 30

Image credit: DeVol

Inspiration drowns by the iconic Airstream caravans defines the smooth curves and retro-contemporary atmosphere of The Air Kitchen project. Aluminum panels, polished rivets, and futuristic push-to-open solid surface doors are some of its charming features. The designers used cutting-edge eco-materials, easy to maintain surfaces and light colors, adorn with small warm oak details and framing.

modern kitchen design ideas 36

Image credit: DeVol

The smooth and pleasing curves, so characteristic for the caravans’ silhouette, together with the iconic round openings define the vintage twist of the otherwise futuristic and contemporary appearance of the Air Kitchens design. Slender stainless steel legs or a matching base for the cabinets that gives them the appearance of floating, light color scheme and single solid volumes contribute to the exciting feeling of space and airiness in this modern kitchen designed and built in Great Britain.

modern kitchen design ideas 29

Image credit: DeVol

And speaking of lightness and style – here is another unique and charming Kitchen design by DeVol featuring a woven coppiced-beech panels and clear lined silhouette. Simple, functional and elegant this kitchen island can be suited in multiple design arrangements.

modern kitchen design ideas 18

Image credit: Sanwa Company

Here is a similar kitchen island shape frame designed by Pattina Kitchen for Sanwa Company, Japan, featuring matte black frame, rough wood grain pattern and Italian-made ceramic tiles countertop. The composition has a simple, clear lined construction that possesses certain elegance and modern appearance with just a hint of retro design and “old-fashioned” spirit.

modern kitchen design ideas 17

Image credit: Sanwa Company

modern kitchen design ideas 26

Image credit: bulthaup

Minimalist and innovative the b2 is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: “Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand.” Viewing the kitchen premise as an experimental factory the functional organization principal of the design reduces the kitchen to three sculptural elements: The kitchen tool cabinet, the workbench, and the kitchen appliance cabinet. The flexibility, elegant silhouette and innovative charm of these features mean that bulthaup b2 can also adapt to new spatial circumstances and multiple design variations.

modern kitchen design ideas 8

Image credit: bulthaup

modern kitchen design ideas 25

Image credit: Minacciolo

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

This season Minacciolo is introducing Minà – a novel, bold rust finish for kitchen design. Imaginative recall of the vintage appearance in Italian tradition this unusual material selection offers highly textured reddish-brown rust effect that has retro yet decidedly contemporary feel. The multi-purpose Minà Island has a special treatment that gives a unique aged look and also provides an appealing texture. Artistic custom made knobs and details add to the vintage charm of the assembly. The tall cabinets are reminiscent of ice-boxes from the early decades of the 1900-s, and the warm reddish highlights introduce cozy nuance to the premises.

modern kitchen design ideas 21

Image credit: Minacciolo

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 33

Image credit: Minacciolo

Another novelty that evokes the tradition of Italian master craftsmen is this playfully arranged worktop a part of the Minà kitchen project. Combining traditions, retro hints, and cutting-edge technology the designer composed multifunctional island with an artistic and dynamic pattern. Minà features a pewter-plated steel worktop combined with a breakfast bar tiled in lava stone. The exquisite artisanal surfaces of the island is made by laying Sicilian glazed volcanic stone tiles over a water-repellent support: innovative, artistic and brings back the rich textural and colorful effect into the kitchen.

trendy kitchen cabinet materials finishes 34

Image credit: Minacciolo

Small Kitchens – Large Cooks

We do realize that in confined urban living arrangements large kitchen is not allayed an option and sometimes not even a necessity. People who like to cook but rarely do so may enjoy taking the challenge of improvising in small kitchens. Here are some examples of small kitchen settings that do not lack style, trendiness or aesthetic appearance.

modern kitchen design ideas 44

Image credit: Snaidero

Board Kitchen by Snaidero is a contemporary industrial solution for compact environments. Tailored for limited space requirements that call for flexible and stylish solutions the Board project represents an evolution in contemporary kitchen design that offers functional solutions, high quality and trendy appearance.

modern kitchen design ideas 41

Image credit: Snaidero

modern kitchen design ideas 38

Image credit: Snaidero

Thanks to new technologies, innovations and designers’ imagination – there are so many possibilities for kitchen design and arrangement that leading when we select one for our home, should be only our lifestyle, location and sense of taste. For people who live in the city, the possibilities are infinite: small and functional kitchens, jazzy urban compositions, fabric produced articles, innovative inventions that create surfaces resistible to damage and erosion and so on. For the ones that prefer more natural lifestyle and want to feel the connection with nature – the trends leading to more rustic design, the recycled materials selection and natural composition should be more suited. Just take your pick and enjoy.

modern kitchen design ideas 39

Image credit: Stadler Manufaktur