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A|A Duplex Renovation Project by Yael Perry


Contrasting colors and textures, the trendy artistry of design combinations and urban dynamics are the main unforgettable characteristics of this apartment renovation project carried out by the Tel Aviv based designer Yael Perry. Composed for a young family expecting a child, the duplex apartment carries the dynamic and youthful spirit of the artistic new age. The designer had used an expressive color palette with walls painted in muted shades of gray and blue, delicate red accents and the contrasting presence of oversized geometric shapes for the walls, adding diamonds, squares, and rectangles in characteristic colors.

aa duplex yael perry 13

aa duplex yael perry 1

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The play with textures and shapes continues throughout the apartment decor – the soft focal accent of the black-and-white patterned rug in the living room is balancing the industrial touch introduced by the concrete wall. The very intriguing presence of the trendy lamps and lighting solutions is a unique project of the designer – stringing oversized light bulbs at the end of red crisscrossing cables the designer introduces the lamps as bright and at the same time delicate and elegant protagonists in the composition. The other lamps in the apartment – like the ones in the master bedroom and the child’s corner feature geometrical patterns and specific textures that supplement the space they are illuminating.

aa duplex yael perry 12

Trendy furniture pieces create comfort and character for the premises – large modular sofa and dining bar in dark colors are balanced by fresh color accents in red and blue for chairs and coffee tables. In the master bedroom again a play and art of colors, the dual character of wall paint continues throughout the ceiling, and the untypical black packet adds to the specific dynamics of the decor composition. Small corners with intriguing decorations complete the apartment’s style – the children’s space offers light and artistic pieces and the small working area in the master bedroom- provide whimsical and creative distribution of functions and space. Relay cute and composed with style this apartment caries the trendy spirit of contemporary design and inventive touch.

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