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Daipu Architects Shows Amazing Way to use Wood in Renovation


This amazing project with its unusual plasticity of shapes and conceptual artistry of decor is carried out by Daipu Architects as a part of their Anti Domino series of renovation projects.

wood mountain daipu architects 2

wood mountain daipu architects 6

Renovating a stream of project viewed as simple replications of the Domino system in the horizontal dimension in today China (the mass and fast production during the past 10-20 years of spaces without imagination) the designers aim to bring vital presence and unique spirit into the spaces they renovate and re-imagine. Giving special consideration to the way the architectural form should correspond and respect the local topography, landscape and climate the architects let the distant view of Yangtze River and the undulated beauty of the mountain peaks of Chongqing to lead the decor composition.

wood mountain daipu architects 8

Combining the shining rectangular simplicity of the concrete space with the beautiful warm weaves of the amazing wooden structures (that can be viewed as topography, landscape or furniture design pieces) the architect composed unique and modern atmosphere where the artistry of the solid wood and the robust unban presence of the industrial materials (metal, concrete, glass) entwine and complement each other.

wood mountain daipu architects 7

The technique used to assemble the design composition of the wooden pieces includes computer design of the ideas, prefabrication and assembling on site – so the unique design is strongly connected with its final location where it will invite more relaxed body gestures (sit, lay, lean, squat) from the customers of this modern bar. Amplifying the dimensional feeling of space the designers play not only with shapes and textures but also with color combinations and accents. The gray concrete box is set with conceptual lighting scheme, textural components and unique shapes that resemble a composition of a play-stage were the power of the movement in nature( in the sea and at the hills) are just strokes of undulated shapes. So the arts and the theater of life can meet in this unique bar design.  Photography by Qingshan Woo

wood mountain daipu architects 13

wood mountain daipu architects 11

wood mountain daipu architects 12

wood mountain daipu architects 4

wood mountain daipu architects 1

wood mountain daipu architects 5

wood mountain daipu architects 3