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Casa Foraste – An Urban Home in Guadalajara


Optimizing the existing resources and creating serine and quiet refugee for a young family the architects from TALLER 1+1 composed this urban home in Guadalajara, Mexico.

casa foraste 3

The dual expression of the facade (alternating polished concrete for the first plane and solid white texture for the second) the architects accentuate the simple sobriety of the construct, a reference to the stereotomic architecture – an inspiration for this contemporary project.

casa foraste 6

The clear lined expression and minimalist simplicity of the architecture of the home is translated into the materials palette selection (alternating a duality of textures and used materials – shining concrete and pure whiteness or warm, vivid bricks construct and the simple whites of walls and ceilings) so at the end this quiet minimalism inspires the interior decor as well.

casa foraste 4

The organization of spaces and social nucleuses on the first floor allows a clever ventilation program and esthetical orientation of spaces towards the inner-courtyard of the house – its focal point of rotation. The facade toward the street is presented as a solid contemporary volume with minimal openings protecting the inhabitants’ privacy and filtering the strong Mexican sun.

casa foraste 8

The interior decor combines the solid and robust presence of the black metal constructs that carry the vast windows structures with the fresh elegance and warm presence of the wooden furniture and the organic inspiration for the rest of the materials palette – the bricks and textural components. The geometrical shapes composition in the kitchen shows a modern expression and unique character combining beautiful custom made wooden cabinetry with modern appliances and shining surfaces. Minimalist, contemporary and fresh the design of this home is prefect reflection of free and young spirit.

casa foraste 7

casa foraste 12

casa foraste 13

casa foraste 14

casa foraste 2

casa foraste 11

casa foraste 9