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Cladding Used by Bates Masi Architects to Construct Underhill House


Creating a series of intriguingly shaped house constructs and combining the almost rustic charm of the organic material’s palette with the ingenuity of contemporary architecture the architects from Bates Masi Architects composed this modern home in the pastoral landscape of suburban Matinecock, United States.

batesmasi underhill 16

batesmasi underhill 12

Inspired by its location and history (an early Quaker settlement) the housing project is focused on a series of modest gabled structure each one focused inward towards its garden courtyard where the serenity and the subtleties of nature inspire simple and clean interior composition.

batesmasi underhill 11

batesmasi underhill 15

Every interior space is connected to the exterior on two sides: vast windows and sliding doors make the gardens a protagonist of the interior composition. The organic materials palette the gorgeous wooden constructs and cladding. From floor to ceiling – sustained custom cut weathered oak, the sculptured roof that funnels light and air into the center of the premises, the metal addition and unique structures create beautiful contemporary home worth exploring.

batesmasi underhill 8

The rustic elements of the design (aside from the gorgeous organic materials palette) like the wood slab bench in the tranquil courtyard or the handmade furniture pieces spread throughout the house give very earthly feeling to the otherwise conceptual and modern design of the house.  Photography by Michael Moran / OTTO

batesmasi underhill 3


batesmasi underhill 7

batesmasi underhill 6

batesmasi underhill 5

batesmasi underhill 4

batesmasi underhill 9

batesmasi underhill 2

batesmasi underhill 14

batesmasi underhill 17

batesmasi underhill 13