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Geometric Design


Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and so on and so forth. Playing with shapes and creating new patterns makes designing more funny and exciting. Discover geometric shapes and patterns in All+ benches, circular lamps by Axolight, colourful lines and shapes in Bonaldo‘s furniture, marble coverings by Lithos Design featuring squares, triangles and much more, curved lines in MCZ and Sergio Leoni stoves, rounded and triangular lamps by Pallucco, Square radiators by Tubes Radiatori.

bonaldo 18

Timo Ripatti completes the lucky and iconic U-Light collection by remodeling the aluminum curves in an innovative and playful way in a series of perfect luminous circles either suspended or mounted on the wall or ceiling.

axolight u light collection 27

Indeed, the U-Light collection includes two different models, which share the same circular aluminum element. The first version, which was presented in 2016 and includes three suspension lamps, teams together two curved lines: an upside-down U-shaped line and a ring underneath it, where the light source is housed. The new 2017 version, which is even more graphic, consists of a single circular element and it is available as a suspension lamp, a wall lamp (also available in a semi-circle) and a ceiling lamp. In both models, the LED light source incorporated into the frame diffuses a soft dimmable white light.

axolight u light collection 26

It can be positioned individually or in clusters, for an intense, theatrical effect. U-Light is extremely light-weight, yet it fills the space up and distinguishes installations with a strong scenic effect, proving a malleable tool for architects and designers who wish to define any setting with shape and light. The extensive range of models and sizes, in fact, makes it possible to play on several architectural plans and achieve various styling effects.

axolight u light collection 25

doppler bonaldo 24

The Doppler sideboards supplement the Doppler coffee table collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Bonaldo. They propose the same illusion of overlapping surfaces, whereas the doors are made up of a single surface: indeed, it is the combination of various brightly colored graphic patterns that creates this particular optical effect.

doppler light lamp bonaldo 19

The  asymmetrical opening of the doors is an additional sign of originality. The lacquered wood frame is supported by a solid ash-wood base, painted in gray or walnut-wood. Bonaldo produces the Doppler sideboards in two different sizes: one high and the other low, to furnish both the living room and the bedroom.

doppler sideboards bonaldo 20

doppler sideboards bonaldo 21

new perspective mirror 17

The idea of Belgian designer Alain Gilles was to bring the mirror to life, turning it from a cold and empty surface into a dynamic object with a rich personality. As the name suggests, the New Perspective Mirror plays with depth and perspective, giving the illusion of a room beyond the mirror. The distinguishing feature of this mirror lies in the hand-drawing of lines made directly on its surface, which gives it a multiple personalities: it is not just an object whose sole function is to that of a mirror but rather a decorative furnishing element. The New Perspective Mirror is available in 3 different color variants to adapt to various styles and interior décors: combinations of red/green/blue, or monochrome black or copper.

new perspective mirror 16

“Pier” is another English word for a wharf or jetty. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the word is also used to define docks in ports where ships can dock directly from the sea, featuring geometrical shapes that resemble those used to make up Piers. Designed by Roberto Paoli, Piers is an object comprising elementary figures, each one performing one of the three functions of the product: the square becomes a practical coat hanger fitted with solid wood knobs, the circle is a mirror and the rectangle a convenient storage shelf. Piers has its very own code, consisting of overlapping decorative combinations which make it concurrently useful and playful, capable of playing its roles – usually allocated to several different objects – lightly and harmoniously. What sets Piers apart from the rest is its fresh and lively styling, which brightens up settings with fun and color: a mix&match of characteristics that make it perfect for saving space in a young and modern home.

piers object bonaldo 15

lithos design 13

44 types of marble, six patterns, 25 color ranges, material wastage, reduced close to zero: design inlay work comes into the world. The designs, the nuances and the productive approach to this new collection break down the classical idea of marble inlay work and its use in the field of decoration for floors and claddings by driving innovation into hitherto unexplored realms. The collection makes its début with a variety of hues, in a series of ready-for-use ensembles that do not forgo the preciousness of antique inlay work yet at the same time speak to the onlooker in a new language, linked to an exceptional mark of design.

lithos design 14

A unique serial production, an imperceptible modular layout and an avant-garde design. This is a sequence of 60 cm x 60 cm modules, with patterns that can be extended depending on the tastes and requirements of the designer, in wall claddings and floorings. Serial sequences where the material is a real protagonist display continuous and non-continuous geometric shapes, scattered graphical compositions, games of delicate or contrasting colors, dim effects or almost optical styles… All these items have been created by using techniques which although produced on an industrial scale nevertheless obey the traditional rules of inlay, in the same way as the artist who engraved and selected stones for their colors, their tones, and their grain as long ago as the 1500s.

lithos design 9

Claddings and floors ready for use, extremely short fit-out times. Each module is easy to lay, and it comes delivered in a finished form. The rendering and added value are the same as for a traditional work of inlay, but with some further unprecedented benefits: the possibility to choose between different patterns whose aesthetical and chromatic format is pre-defined as it has been subject to careful prior assessment, the freedom to be able to apply the design inlay to horizontal or vertical surfaces of any dimension and exceptionally short fit-out times.

lithos design 12

Stonework design explores new avenues. With this collection, Lithos Design has switched its production focus from a sculptural approach to one which is more pictorial. In addition to the search for three-dimensional results which until now has been typical of the way in which the brand has evolved, there is now a desire to design with colours, understood as meticulous selection of raw materials, know-how of colours, hues, veins and their performances, mix of shadows and chiaroscuro effects as well as on its various shapes.

lithos design 11

Ductable pellet stove, which, within its soft, feminine lines, elegantly enhanced thanks to essential ceramic cladding (white, gray, black or Bordeaux), conceals a brand new firebox, which is deeper and higher and Follows the natural movement of the flame. A rather large front glass, one of the most important among the pellet stoves currently available on the market offers a unique view of the fire.

mcz curve pellet stove 23

It is a 100% airtight firebox, a feature introduced as standard in the new products by MCZ Group. Curve is, therefore, a sealed stove, in which pellets burn using up the oxygen taken exclusively from the outside, ensuring reduced consumption and perfect thermal comfort in modern homes, even those with class An energy rating.

mcz curve pellet stove 22

This product also includes the following features:
– “environmentally friendly” design: this stove is already compliant with the Ecodesign 2022 directive on emissions and environmental impact;
– ignition speed: the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times;
– practical to use: the ash drawer has been expanded so that it needs to be emptied just once a week.
– opportunity to heat several rooms at once, thanks to the patented Comfort Air® system.
– excludable ventilation (No Air function).

collapsible moon lamp pallucco 6

Collapsible Moon, the new lamp signed Pallucco, is a project by Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka. Born in Tokyo and specialized in London, Kazuhiro Yamanaka reflects in this project his style between simplicity and advanced technology, typical of the Japanese world, and attention to design and research learned during his studies in London.

collapsible moon lamp pallucco 65

The name and form of Collapsible Moon refer to astronomy on one side, drawing inspiration from the full moon that illuminates the night with its light, and on the other side to the world of photography, in particular to reflectors used for photo shoots. The result is a linear design that seems to be very simple, yet it hides a unique character. The simplicity of this lamp ends when the interaction with it begins: the perfect illuminated circle can smoothly collapse or expand due to the soft structure similar to that of a reflector. Collapsible Moon thus becomes an object that can be easily stored and transported.

collapsible moon lamp pallucco 66

Collapsible Moon is made of a special technical fabric used in the world of sports, which refracts and has an invisible zip. The frame of the circle is made of tempered spring steel coated with black rubber on one side, ensuring the right movement when manipulating the lamp. A LED strip, available in different colors, is placed inside the edge of the frame and diffuses the light toward the center of the circle. The result is a fully illuminated circle, just like a full moon.

rock garden lamp pallucco 7

Rock Garden draws its inspiration from Japanese rock gardens where the beauty of the universe is expressed in an earthly setting. The surface of the rocks is almost hidden, and visitors to the gardens let themselves be carried away, imagining submerged and invisible shapes and volumes.  Each rock has its own inclination and character and the relation between different rocks creates a story. Rock Garden is available in two versions: a large version with a rectangular frame, where the user can freely position different pyramids, and a version with single spotlight and one pyramid.

rock garden lamp pallucco 8

Suspension lamp composed by a cylindrical spotlight in mat white or black painted metal; diffuser in opal methacrylate. The spotlight is crossed by the angle of a pyramid in mat painted metal, available in black, white, red and silver. Transparent wire.

sergio leoni marlene 1

Marlene is a family of pellet and wood-burning stoves branded Sergio Leoni. Made in hand crafted ceramics, these stoves retain the timeless charm of Central European design with the typical Nordic “tile” design. Marlene Tonda fits in this collection with a modern, minimal and feminine rounded shape. It is a forced ventilation pellet stove, with door and top in black painted steel and a very natural and pleasant flame.
The standard sealed firebox is designed to ensure maximum thermal comfort also in a high energy efficiency houses. Marlene Tonda provides an effective and fully programmable heating and a very silent operation. This stove is already compliant with the Ecodesign 2022 directive.

sergio leoni marlene 2

In line with the design of the Elements collection to which it belongs, Square is a furnishing element with a great capability of characterizing the room, despite its formal simplicity. Inspired by a project that reinterprets the radiating panel, Square unites technical characteristics and high-value added design. First of all, the lightness of the structure made entirely of aluminum, which is only 28 mm thick. Then the radiating surface where heat spreads all over the surface, thanks to the particular fin on the backside. Every technical detail contributes to optimizing heat conduction.

tubes square 5

Square can be rectangular or square-shaped, mounted vertically or horizontally, and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes, to allow the greatest personalisation in interior design as well as an adequate maximum heating performance even in large-sized rooms. The horizontal version ranges from 140 to 240 cm in length and 31 to 81 cm in height. Height in vertical solutions vary from 56 to 240 cm and length ranges from 31 to 81 cm.

tubes square 4

Square is available in hydraulic and electric version, and a combined version is in the course of study. All fittings connected to the plumbing system as well as the wall brackets are completely hidden by the panel. Square – like all other lines in the Elements collection – is equipped with a built-in remote valve control system. The electric version provides for a wider range of applications, as the radiator can be easily and quickly operated. It is, therefore, the ideal solution for bathrooms in holiday homes as well as in contract supplies.

tubes square 54

An element with a matching big handle completes Square’s function as a practical electrically heated towel warmer, and from the aesthetic point of view provides various formal solutions combined with the radiating panel. It is available in different lengths (100, 120, 150 and 180 cm x 15 cm high) with a maximum thermal output of 150 W. A round hook, CIRCLE, and a matching long handle that also works as a heated towel rail make the functionality of Square complete, and provide several shape-related solutions for guaranteed styling appeal, to match the radiant plate. The long handle is available in several lengths from 100 to 180 cm x H. 15 cm.

tubes square 53

The success of this iconic radiator encouraged the conception of the 2013 version, which features an innovative heating system that – despite the further reduction of the already low water content – allows a 20% higher heat output than the previous versions. With the Composition system, Square blends in with its surroundings with the simplicity of a flat volume, playing on the geometric relationships between shapes and giving you the chance to produce customized heating compositions. Flexible and dynamic, this system enhances the ability of Square to reinterpret standardized proportions and shapes, to give rise to an item of interior décor with a strong personality, capable of lending the most disparate settings allure. Also, owing to the remote connection system, all the radiant plates are controlled by a single valve, so the end composition is configured just like a single heating element.

tubes square 52

Customized design, simple shapes, and sustainability are the three inspiring key words for this system. The users’ requirements are at the heart of the project, and they determine the specific characteristics of the product: Tubes offers four basic configurations which provide the possibility of combining three different types of heating plates, allowing the designer to choose from a generous 62 different combinations depending on the size and a colour range of 260 different hues, which further enhance the possible solutions.

tubes square 3

Due to its innovative technical and formal characteristics, Square was awarded the Red Dot Award 2007 in the “Product Design” category and, within the section “Heating and bathroom accessories,” it was the only heating element chosen. Furthermore, it was awarded in 2008 with the “Design Preis,” the most important design award organized by the German Design Council, under the aegis of the Federal Republic of Germany.

tubes square 51