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Helen Street by mw|works


A house combining the latest trends in contemporary American architecture and design, the Asian charm of the Zen Gardens and the stylish solutions of elegant interiors.

mw works helen street 1

mw works helen street 14

When the owners of this contemporary beauty decided to move from the pastoral surroundings of Seattle near the city center, they charged the architects from mw|works to create a home with a simple modern structure, purity of materials and sustainability constructed on a modest budget. The result was this amazing contemporary house, where the elegance and style entwined and composed the characteristic facade and the tranquil beauty of the interior design.

mw works helen street 4

The home possesses the so-difficult-to-achieve combination between openness (towards the views, the light and the landscape) and privet seclusion (towards the charming courtyard placed into the center of the site), between stylish ambiance and organic almost rural materials palette and design composition where the contemporary expression of custom made structures, furnishing, and spaces is connecting with the unforgettable charm of a home, made with love and understanding towards the needs of its inhabitants.

mw works helen street 12

The kitchen and dinning zone located on the first floor and with access to the garden and wooden decks possesses dark, cozy and almost rustic charm thanks to the gracefully aged cedar cladding, the wooden furnishing, and the black accents. Contemporary furniture, lighting solutions (including the focal accents of the red lamps) add to the welcoming emanation of the premises and create stylish design composition. The living zone is decided in a lighter color scheme with inviting textures and trendy furniture and design composition. The courtyard landscape design, the clear lined stylistics of the facade: clad with naturally weathered cedar planks; possesses almost Asian Zen aesthetics and evokes calm and serene relaxation. The second-floor cube of the architectural structure, partially hidden behind the characteristic cedar-clad chimney hosts the bedrooms.  Photo: Andrew Pogue

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