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Coffee Table from Murano Glass by Alessandro Zambelli for Secondome


Lunapark is a new project from Alessandro Zambelli, a limited-edition coffee table created for Rome gallery Secondome. Part of Unplugged – a collection of hand-made furniture pieces whose artisan production can bring out unexpected characteristics in the materials they are made out of – Lunapark is made from precious Murano glass using a special technique whereby plates of glass are melted and shaped.

lunapark coffee table murano glass 5

lunapark coffee table murano glass 1

An irresistible pop triumph, featuring fluid lines permeated by strikingly bright colors, this coffee table evokes a world of wonders and lively irony. Thanks to its special production technique, Lunapark’s glass flows into curves which define the table’s shape and, like poured sugar contains tiny air bubbles which make the surface unexpectedly soft and velvety. At the same time, like a fluid material, it softly yields to the required form, bending to define the structural supporting elements which make up the table. The graphical element of the design which covers the entire surface of the coffee table, featuring a lively and harmonious alternation of glass plates of different lengths and colours, continues without interruption in search of the perfect form, before then softening into gently rounded contours which define the edges of the object in an entirely singular manner.

lunapark coffee table murano glass 3

In terms of its colours, Lunapark is a fully customisable piece of furniture: it is possible to choose from an extensive palette featuring neutral or subtle shades as well as lively, exuberant tones – light amethyst or dark grey, violet and topaz, yellow and mint green, aquamarine and cobalt blue, to list just a few of the available shades – in an infinite kaleidoscope of tones and colours, totally faithful to the image evoked by its name.

lunapark coffee table murano glass 6

lunapark coffee table murano glass 2