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Iride by Lithos Design Primes in Mexico City


The multi award-winning studio Grupo Arquitectura, established in 1980 by Daniel Álvarez in Mexico City, has picked the Lithos Design Primes line for a luxury project in his home city, a private residence in the Santa Fe district.

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Departamento Basalto spans a surface area of 385 m² distributed over two storeys; multiple materials – Nogal wood for the walls, Basaltic Stone in the communal areas, Calacatta marble in the bathrooms and Bardiglio Nuvolato marble for the partition in the entrance hall – blend together to create a uniform and continuous space that is only interrupted to allow the breathtaking city views to seep in through the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Iride from the Diaframmi collection was installed in the entrance hall to welcome guests upon arrival, acting as both a work of art and a partition. Placed right behind the dining table, Iride in fact defines the room and sets the entrance hall aside into a cozy space, creating an iconic backdrop for diners: the stone wall does not go unnoticed and is concurrently light-weight thanks to its silhouettes and perforations.

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Through research and technology, Lithos Design revolutionizes the decorative use of stone, which turns into a sculptural item of interior decor with multiple functions: from a decorative element that embellishes its surroundings like a work of art, to a partition capable of defining the architectural space.  Photos: Agustín Garza

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Diaframmi is the collection of modular marble partitions by Lithos Design, fine 3D marble membranes which are permeable to light, where marble eludes the limit of its specific weight, forming an aerial harmony that is functional to the achievement of decorative partitions.

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In Diaframmi, the incredible lightness of marble is teamed with that of steel, used to frame each individual module (120 cm x 120 cm). A tapered metal frame devised both to lend stability as well as to help compose the wall which, in the same way as an interlocking game, can be assembled easily depending on the design requirements, even allowing flexible angle solutions.

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The models in the collection are the result – as the designer, Galiotto, explains – “of a study into the formal possibilities which technology allows according to a reduction in waste” and embody the wealth of knowledge and some of the inspiring principles behind the work of Lithos Design: total industrialisation, integrated creativity, the value of which is enhanced by technology, environmental friendliness thanks to the optimisation of the industrial process, which entails reduced waste and energy savings.

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Iride is a light and elegant marble membrane enclosed by a metal frame that is devised for the decorative division of space and that recalls the feeling of early morning light filtering through the shutters. Iride is produced with the use of cutting-edge CNC technology without any manual intervention and with near-zero waste material.

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