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House in Australia Revolves Around a Stunning Swimming Pool


This unusual and beautiful house project in Australia revolves around a stunning swimming pool – a very suitable theme for the upcoming summer, don’t you think? Organic materials palette, luminous spaces and attractive wooden lattice and structural elements – it has it all. Let’s take a pick.

north bondi CplusC 4

The unusual and mesmerizing architectural and design solutions start with the house facade – the architects from CplusC Architectural Workshop had overcome multiple challenges of structural, materials and technological nature to complete the project but the result is stunning. Vertical garden adorns the facade and the walls, transparent structures allow not only the very effective result of the swimming pool area incorporated with the social zones but also the transparent clear wall that connects them is cleverly reflecting the natural light throughout the house.

north bondi CplusC 2

Sophisticated materials palette that includes unfinished Kobe boards, burnished concrete, expressed timber, Corten facade and steel and timber columns that celebrate the structural systems in the house and give an overall impression of the unique character and strong artistic presence.

north bondi CplusC 14

The interior is based on the entwinement of caramel wood, transparent glass and custom made metal structures. The luminous color palette combines the beige and gray colors of the natural materials finishing’s (wood, concrete, leather and metal) together with white and black accents and colorful focal points (like the cheerful colored glass pendant lamps in the living room).

north bondi CplusC 7

The site is narrow which leads to long interconnected main living premises – the kitchen zone is connected in sequence with the living room and dining area all of them facing the transparent pool structure and decided in elegant, luxurious materials choices: marble for the kitchen island, polished concrete floors, wooden cladding, and furniture. Attention to the detail, multiple unique structures, and unusual solutions characterize this house project, so it’s definitely worth exploring closely.

north bondi CplusC 22

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