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Courtyard House


Who thinks that dynamic juxtaposition of materials and colors won’t be enough to create a memorable modern dwelling? This Australian house project created by FIGR Architecture & Design has a strong characteristic presence that entwines not only the signature materials and colors used in its composition but also the strong connection between the surrounding landscape and the open interior premises.

courtyard house 9

courtyard house 3

courtyard house 2

Constant connection between outdoor and indoor spaces: the house has three garden zones – the front yard, the courtyard, an integral part of the inner premises and the rear yard; allows fresh elements – light, air and plant life to become a strong protagonists in the interior. This organic connection is further enhanced by the juxtaposition of the generous wooden cladding and furniture with the whiteness of the rest of the surfaces – the polished white concrete slabs of the floor, the clear-lined furniture additions and the brick elements of the walls. But undoubtedly the strong presence of the timber batten ceiling that guides and navigates inhabitants and visitors through the spaces brings strong organic, warm and generous feeling to the interior.

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The furniture composition is a mixture of crafts made and custom made fixtures with pieces that are inspired by the trendy retro vibe that we observe lately: like the leather couch, or stool in the living zone. Nonetheless, the composition is light, tranquil and welcoming in its simplicity. We particularly enjoy the kitchen design with its skylight carved in the timber, illuminating the elegant kitchen island – a combination of wood and marble, and the tidy cupboard fixtures. The architectural expression of the house is inspired by a mixture of traits between Italian Palazzo and Australian courtyard house with a strong modernistic vibe in the facade where the entwinement of wood, stone, glass and brick constructs gives a characteristic emanation to the housing project.   Photography by Tom Blachford

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