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3D Concrete Tile Weave Inspired by Traditional Weaving Techniques


KAZA introduces another distinctly original concrete tile series to the company’s product line, designed by Swedish collective Note Design Studio. The ’Weave’ tile series consist of three individual styles: ’Maldives’, ’Kalahari’ and a flat piece – each available in two sizes.

kaza original concrete tile series 5

Note Design Studio attributes the undulating rhythmic imagery created by sand dunes and traditional weaving techniques as the inspiration for the graceful contour. ’Weave’ is simple in structure and repetitive in form. The surface is the smoothest, specially formulated concrete, best described as „liquid stone”. It is a contemporary classic well-suited for any environment. The tranquil simplicity of Weave provides a point of synergy with the sculptural qualities of contemporary architecture.

kaza original concrete tile series 6

Note is a Stockholm-based design studio founded by Alexis Holmqvist, Susanna Wåhlin, Johannes Carlström, Kristoffer Fagerström and Cristiano Pigazzini in 2008. Note Design Studio is named after what they want to achieve. They like to pay attention to their surroundings, and to create things that inspire people do the same by looking at exclusiveness and emphasizing what is unique in every project, Note Studio turns non-material values into tactile objects and spaces. They work within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy.

kaza original concrete tile series 1

KAZA was born from the concrete controversy; it helped rebrand the industrial material as a luxurious one, well-suited to bespoke surface design and a choice material for the Architect and Design community. Striking an impeccable balance between artistry and technology, KAZA incorporates tactile 3D elements for bold accent walls, small and large, sensitively balancing style and innovation for luxury commercial products as well as the modern home.

kaza original concrete tile series 4

The spirit at KAZA has been curious, intuitive, artistic and entertaining from the start, manifesting the care and skill invested in what we create. The resulting objects and installations challenge us to recognize the full potential of concrete and its casting. KAZA’s exclusive UK distributor is Domus Tiles

kaza original concrete tile series 2