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Family Home Modernize After Major Renovations


Attention to the detail, whimsical elements, colorful accents and artistic installations and pieces of modern design characterize the interior decor of this project from TSEH Architectural Group.

loft kiev tseh studio 8

The modern loft appearance is achieved after major reconstruction carried by the team aiming to turn a country house near Kiev into contemporary, spacious and full of a light dwelling. In the main living area the architects introduced smart wood and metal constructs, intriguing cantilevered staircase, a focal point for space – skylights, fashionable lamps installations, exposed and painted in a white brick wall. Very tidy and efficient fireplace – all clever design elements to compose an unforgettable decor assembly.

loft kiev tseh studio 12

Using a combination of colors and materials that vary from light to dark and from organic to industrial the architectural team made the ambiance dynamic, modern and with characteristic presence. Gorgeous wood constructs, furnishing, and cladding bring the rustic tone into the decor composition – metal elements, and dynamic and fashionable design additions (like the lighting solutions) introduce the vital side of modern life.

loft kiev tseh studio 11

The color palette alternates white and dark charcoal gray hues, enriched by the warm presence of the wood and playful color accents in the textiles and furniture. Polished concrete floors go throughout the premises, giving continuity to space and uniting the different zones in one dynamic style. Many clever, artistic and even whimsical details adorn the design composition and are worth discovery through thoughtful examination and observation of this design project. Photography by Sergey Polyushko

loft kiev tseh studio 6

loft kiev tseh studio 1

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loft kiev tseh studio 2

loft kiev tseh studio 13

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loft kiev tseh studio 15

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loft kiev tseh studio 3