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Duo – Stool or Side Table?


Appealing to emotions, simplicity, and quality of life, DAM emphasizes the Duo stools or side tables recently launched!
With a strong geometric character, DUO is a fantastic dialogue between two different types of a natural material – light and dark cork. Its key features are the visual and tactile qualities of the surfaces which make the seat warm and pleasant. It also helps reduce environmental noise, given the material’s sound absorbing properties, making it perfect for lounges, bars or restaurants.

duo stools dam studio 3

duo stools dam studio 1

DUO exists in 5 versions. Each one rise from its two-dimensional pattern of tile is becoming into a three-dimensional volume and ending in a circular shape. So, you can alternate between two functions: a square table and a circular stool. Together, the stools create vibrant compositions for the environments and a game of shapes according to the place from where they are observed. Get to know them better and appreciate the simplicity of these products.

duo stools dam studio 4

duo stools dam studio 5