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Villa with 360 Degree View by 123DV


The family consists of a couple and their beautiful Alaskan Malamute dogs. This time, our slogan ‘Living in a tailored suit’ got a unique dynamic: the tailoring of our design to the requirements of an ultimate personal experience of living also concerned the arctic dogs that are important in their lives. It is important for the couple to stay in contact with their dogs, both in and outside of the house. The dogs ask a lot of attention, and therefore they need a lot of contact with their owners. Also, the dogs need a shelter outside.

villa 360 degree view 123dv 13

Why a modern circular villa?
A continuous window that is shaped in a circle all around the house provides a 360-degree connection between the inside and outside of the house. Therefore, continuous visual contact with the dogs is made possible – that is why this time we thought of designing a circular villa.

villa 360 degree view 123dv 14

The canopy goes all the way around the house and offers the dogs a sheltered place in case of rainy days, no matter the wind direction. On sunny days it provides the necessary amount of shade. On one side of the villa, near the bedroom and kitchen, the garden floor goes half way up to the facade. This way the residents can look their dogs in the eye, being at the same eye level, for instance, while cooking or when wishing them good night. The hill also provides privacy at the side of the street.

villa 360 degree view 123dv 15

The mirrored walls at both sides of the terrace also provide a possibility of visual contact between the residents inside and the dogs outside.
Within the small area of 85 m2, we have tried to capture a spacious feeling in the design, in combination with ensuring maximum contact between residents, their pets, and the garden. The house has an open floor plan. As is often the case in hotels, the bedroom, bathroom and living room are connected. If they want, the clients can disconnect the bedroom from the living room by closing a sliding hatch.

villa 360 degree view 123dv 1

The couple about their 360 Villa
‘For us, the slogan of 123DV ‘Living in a tailored suit’ also became a tailored suit for our spacious plot in the forest. Liong directly sensed what was for us the most important issue: openness and creating a feeling of freedom so that the inside and outside of the house are blended into one. 123DV has completely succeeded in achieving the aimed result, without us losing any sense of privacy.’
‘The whole process together with Liong and his team, from the first meeting until the final design, was an amazing experience! We are really looking forward to building our 360 Villa.’

villa 360 degree view 123dv 12

On a beautiful day in spring, I visited this family in their completed 360 Villa and stayed with them until late in the evening. We brought up memories of how the design of their home started and developed into what it is now. We talked about the process of getting the design approved by the municipality and getting it built, just like we promised them. Meanwhile, they served a delicious sushi dinner. After dinner, we walked through the garden, and at a certain moment they said: ‘Do you realize you changed our lives for the better?’ These words were overwhelming to me, and I felt that moments like these make all the hard work and effort to get things done worthwhile.

villa 360 degree view 123dv 9

villa 360 degree view 123dv 8

villa 360 degree view 123dv 7

villa 360 degree view 123dv 6

villa 360 degree view 123dv 5

villa 360 degree view 123dv 4

villa 360 degree view 123dv 2

villa 360 degree view 123dv 3

villa 360 degree view 123dv 11

Photography by Hannah Anthonysz

Designteam: Liong Lie, Rajiv Sewtahal

Interior builder: ALM interieurbouw, Zwolle

Engineering: Brak en Eijlers. Gouda

Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Mensink

villa 360 degree view 123dv 16