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Rimartus Designed Studio Apartment for Young Couple


A young couple asked Rimartus architects to design their first apartment in Trakai, Lithuania. As a result, it became black, white and gray colored loft, very simple and contemporary.

loft trakai rimartus 1

loft trakai rimartus 13

The great attention we paid to create functional zones and keep architectural context. After new apartment planning had been made, second level and roof windows were added. The first level contains empty and spacious living room with kitchen and bar zone, hall with stairs, shower room, bedroom, and bathroom. At the second level appears entresol with lounge area separated by a metal grill and walk in closet.

loft trakai rimartus 12

We attempted to create a cozy, artistic and romantic atmosphere including some industrial design accents. It was decided to use very few colors – white, gray, black and some natural wood texture.

loft trakai rimartus 11

Some of the wall surfaces were left as painted black or white bricks to give more cozy and authentic feel. Kitchen unit was decided to be finished in black, also as entresol metal structure and stairs, as this gives a more graphic look. Lamps, power sockets, switches and other small elements were selected in black color too. Some aged wood texture is used on bar unit facades to give a more vibrant feel and vitality.

loft trakai rimartus 9

Simple industrial style warm spectrum lamps were chosen to create beautiful and cozy lighting in contrast to black surfaces. Natural and artificial lighting creates different color effects and mood. It was left a lot of free space for young clients future needs and self-realization. Photography by Andrius Stepankevicius

loft trakai rimartus 7

loft trakai rimartus 8

loft trakai rimartus 6

loft trakai rimartus 2

loft trakai rimartus 4

loft trakai rimartus 3

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