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Pallucco at the 20th anniversary of SaloneSatellite


In the context of Milan Design Week 2017, Pallucco takes part in the exhibition SaloneSatellite. 20 anni di nuova creatività (20 years of new creativity), an anthology of selected products showcased in the last 20 years. SaloneSatellite stands for new opportunities in design and creativity and, for over twenty years, has been offering designers under 35 the chance to express themselves and show their projects to companies and talent scouts.

pallucco rainy day 1

In the previous 19 editions, SaloneSatellite saw a host of designs, result of the ideas of young designers, becoming a springboard for many emerging figures in the international design scene. This year, for its twentieth edition, SaloneSatellite organizes an exhibition that will start in conjunction with the opening of Salone del Mobile and Euroluce.

pallucco rainy day 9

From 4th to 25th April 2017 at the Fabbrica del Vapore of Milan SaloneSatellite. 20 anni di nuova creatività (20 years of new creativity) will take place: an exhibition curated by Beppe Finessi which will review the best products and the most significant concepts showcased in the last 20 years. Among these there are two lamps that have been exhibited at the SaloneSatellite, respectively in 2003 and 2006: Rainy Day by Kazuhiro Yamanaka and Guardian of Light by Susanne Philippson, both on display at Pallucco’s stand at Euroluce (Pav. 9, Stand B06).

pallucco rainy day 8

Pallucco, Rainy Day, design Kazuhiro Yamanaka, 2003.
“The wheel becomes a lamp. A cosy lamp, a nomadic lamp. It can be put on the floor, on the wall, on a table. You can create a column of lights by simply stacking them one on top of the other”

pallucco rainy day 2

Pallucco, Guardian of Light, design Susanne Philippson, 2006.
“The Guardian of Light look like lamps with a classic lampshade. When switched on, they reveal their hidden innovative character: the lampshade is a cloak that wrap around itself, hiding the magic of light. When the cloak is open, the lamp gently releases its light which will fade out when the enfolded cloak is closed again.”

pallucco guardian light 4

pallucco guardian light 7

pallucco guardian light 6

pallucco guardian light 5