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Living Room Trends, Designs and Ideas 2018 / 2019


If one wonders what are the main trends in Living room design should take a peek in the fair trade halls of imm cologne for an early year preview. And this year exhibition has one very distinctive trade there is an explosion of color – vibrant, vital and capturing, so one thing is sure this year decor journey won’t be boring at all.

living room furniture design

Living Room Colors and Materials

The research and exploration of color are worth a time – chairs, armchairs, sofas, and accessories were all offered in a wide range of color tones, strong and characteristic, as were even tables and luminaries. And the modern classics, may they be by Cassina, Ligne Roset or Thonet, are all taking the limelight again thanks to updated colors – that becomes one of the most distinctive trends for this year, so let’s enjoy this exotic journey.

living room furniture design 44

So, colors as a trend, which raises a lot of questions – which colors, what combinations, in what range? Well if we keep in mind that often the fashion scene paves the way for furniture design when it comes to color and texture we can assume that in the end a single colorful piece of furniture can accentuate and spin the whole aesthetic of any space. Also notable is the influence of brands that introduce the strong and playful presence of pastel girlie room colors that quickly can become a norm.

living room furniture design 33

Touring the halls of Cologne one can notes the repeated presence of bright sunny, or lemon yellow as a character defining choice. But that is not the only bold and strongly present choice of the designers when it comes to color choice – take a note of new shelf system called Mesh in red-orange by Werner Aisslinger for Piure in a burnt reddish-orange or Pad Board in a lush grass green. Green in its all vivid varieties is highly acceptable and introduced in any number of different hues including the zesty yellow-green that Pantone has made its color of the year.

living room furniture design 2

Another intriguing and wort deep exploration trend for 2018 / 2019 is the creation of living premise where pine green, mustard yellow, royal blue and Bordeaux red allied to form an interior style inspired by the Vienna salons of the turn of the 20th century.

living room colors materials 4

And speaking of the Baroque influence and richness of sensational experiences we must turn our attention to the usage of rich materials compositions like velvet, different shining surfaces of metal and the addition of dark wood. Highlights in satin gold, created by brushed brass, a worthy successor to the copper can also adorn the rich decor of the feature. Whereas bronze was strongly featured in recent years, now we are seeing more gold and brass tones. That puts a strong emphasis on the splendor of the interior in our home.

living room colors materials 14

Like in this interior composition the combination between modern Scandinavian approach and vintage charm when sprinkled with a dash of golden spender can acquire a sense of luxury and nobility that is unmistakable. The creator of the decor Indre Sunklodiene had found a balancing point of preserving some of the rich features of the vintage expression and adding luxury materials, strong, bold color accents and inviting textures.

living room colors materials 13

living room colors materials 2

Ok, now this creation of Philippe Nigro for the Ligne Roset possesses all the trendy charming features of a perfect furniture for modern living room experience: decided in bold or soft girly colors, with rich texture, unique shape and offering remarkable comfort the welcoming appearance of this seating set is almost unprecedented.

living room colors materials 6 1

Ploum seater with low backrest is a darker version of the seat that looks like one single large cushion placed on elegant base – intriguing solution for any trendy living space.

living room colors materials 1

Prado nomadic settee are more open and exotic version in the collection.

living room colors materials 27 1

Large comfortable furniture decided in bold colors and inviting textures this time inspired by iconic model introduced over 35 years ago, thus carrying the hint of vintage experience. The Plumy collection features characteristic large cushions that are filled with goose feathers and can be folded into a chaise lounge position to create a customized and relaxing experience.

living room colors materials 8

This modern apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine and designed by Olga Akulova has its strongly dynamic urban presence. Thanks to the row concrete constructs, an unusual layout of functional zones and the contemporary artistic spirit reflected in the unique brass elements the designer has successfully composed a memorable interior decor.

living room colors materials 3

Another design project located in Kiev this time by Oleksii Venediktov, the design features not only bold and characteristic color combinations but also trendy large furniture piece which is to become the main focal point of the living room premise. Inviting and masculine with a geometrical shape that suites the rest of the Tetris-like game of the interior elements.

living room colors materials

Clear-lined stylistic, modern simplicity and eminent style characterize this project of ARCH. 625 located in the urban scenery of Moscow, Russia. And again vast soft sitting elements with inviting cushions and welcoming emanation.

living room colors materials 32

Residential space in Risskov, Denmark. This project is a magnificent example of modern Scandinavian architecture and design: a four level villa V3, developed by the progressive studio ADRESS and presents us with an elegant take on urban serenity and style. Space features contemporary simplicity, geometric stylistic, combined with organic material palette and inviting textures decided in minimalist and serine color palette.

living room furniture design 15

Living Room Furniture Design for 2018 / 2019

Speaking of living room design arrangements there few main guidelines which you may already have noticed: that’s apart from the intense color and shining materials explosion which we explored previously; The inspiration drawn from vintage pieces of furniture is to be noted almost everywhere. And we speak of inspiration the usage of new materials, new technologies and aesthetics to rethink and give a new life to a time-proven design. And that’s making the word of interior design a richer and more entertaining place – many of these new designs have confidently dotted on different epochs, taking up ideas, patterns and solutions of the 1940s and 1950s or the 1970s and that is bringing great variety and exuberance of shapes.

living room decor ideas 17

But notice, this rethinking, and reincarnation of furniture design, shows its unique contemporary direction: the sofas are expanding and extending too, seating arrangement are big and fluffy, seats are made to fold over and swivel until you are lying. Inviting comfort and leisure the new trend of overly big, puffy and lazy looking sitting arrangements and sofas is somewhat an expression of the modern day life – where people come home after a busy day and want to lay, relax and feel snug. But do so in a luxurious and chic atmosphere. So that’s another trend observed in the interior decor world: walking amongst the booths of the exhibition one is dazzled by the gleaming gold, smooth velvet, and exclusive materials, seductively shimmering colored glass and finely brushed metal that constitutes the feature of interior decor living rooms design. Sophistication is certainly ‘the rage’ in the current interior design world. Indeed, the trend toward elegance is perceptible everywhere.

living room furniture design 17

Not only the sofas and sitting elements of the living room offer great variety, other furniture details are also worth attention: the LEMA Selecta is a perfect example of how the shelving. When situated in the living room, can cover a whole wall without being too overwhelming and offer at the same time functionalism and style.

living room furniture design 19

In this case, the shelf installation can also be mobile, airily and elegant as is this system, which can, also serves as a space divider.

living room furniture design 5

living room furniture design 13 1

Versatile modular system decided in minimalist language that can accommodate all the modern entertainment system pieces Pass-Word, by Dante Bonuccelli.

living room furniture design 3

The coffee tables also offer a world of entertainment and original versatility. The Clyde double-topped low table harmoniously brings together no less than three materials in an entirely contemporary fashion. Brass-plated steel, marble-effect ceramics, and smoked glass the table offers finesse, style, and charm for any modern living room arrangement.

living room furniture design 18

living room furniture design 16

Wood surfaces never go out of style, and the simple elegance of this low coffee table proves it.

living room furniture design 4

living room furniture design 6

Smoothly curved, beech wood frame supports glass, lacquered or marble tops – pure, simple and classy design by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, able to fit in any furniture environment with ease.

living room furniture design 7

Any living premise needs an ingenious, witty or even whimsical element for a focal point of its decor: here are some examples. Yoroi has high visual impact, and it’s also beautiful and functional. With a natural oak frame, iron and copper coverings treated with different finishes, the writing desk-secretaire states quite clearly that is a piece of furniture that will have entertaining secrets to revel with exploration.

living room furniture design 12

Marble, wood, and metal, geometric and linear with unexpected rounded corners: modern read on vintage atmosphere. These are the sideboards and consoles offered by Bonaldo.  The Frame collection stands out for the metal frame which makes up the structure, while the side panels and the wooden top are inserted within the frame, and thanks to the rounded corners leave the metal frame visible. The contrast between the frame, which is painted in a variety of colors, and the various finishes of the wooden panels lends this sideboard a dynamic appeal.

living room furniture design 45

Tratto sideboard stands out for its simple but sophisticated geometric shapes, where the alternation between filled volumes and voids and the various finishes and color hues available create endless possibilities of combination. All components of Tratto: from the legs to the panels, doors, and shelves; lead back to the pure geometric composition, which makes it a simple interior design object which blends in seamlessly with any decor.

living room furniture design

Tiles Collection offers a wide variety of colors, graphical elements and panels  for customized decoration of this classically shaped cupboard.

living room furniture design 20

Mesh creates a modular system that offers simplicity and classics, and at the same time, it plays with color, transparency, and shape creating a friendly atmosphere in the office or at home. Composed by a functional mix of materials: color tinted glass, a luxurious touch, and simple shape together with dynamic colors variety. Like blue, yellow or red; set a modern statement.

living room furniture design 1

Ruché bench brings us back to the sitting arrangement of the living room premises – an example of the Ligne Roset. This piece features a solid wood structure, enveloped in the undulations of its chicly pink duvet and represents a harmonious union of rigorous straight lines and soft, welcoming curves. It is kind of sexy.

living room furniture design 10

Easy chair Flint unfolds to create the basic shape of a calyx: “regarding formal design, it can be compared to the methods used in sculpture,” explains designer Jürgen Laub. “Everything that is superfluous has been cut away to reveal the flowing contours of the body, the back, the armrests and the round seating surface on the inside.”

living room furniture design 9

Room Dividers

In modern architecture and design, there are very few limits and borders of the imagination, borders for space. If one has big premises, their planning and range is an easy and enjoyable task, where one can get creative. We have shown you this project of Patricia Urquiola for Cassina before – it’s an intriguing way to zone a space and demonstrate how a solid, even robust material can appear ethereal. The bricks are turned in a way that composes an airy space divider. So, here are some more intriguing and unique suggestions for zoning spaces – with wide materials range: from ceramics to textile installations.

living room divider 7

living room divider 14

Combining new technologies and advantages of research with the best traditions in handmade products Tierras is a new collection of porcelain produces in beautiful colors, and unique shapes are increasing its durability.

living room divider 13

living room divider 12

Wood is a material that never fails – it offers great flexibility and variety of possible forms, textures, tonalities and expressions. Wooden lattice is always a classy chose of space division. Like this woven wooden room divider from ALKI by Iratzoki Lizaso.

living room divider 11

This contemporary creation by Marco Zito for Saba Italia uses textile for minimalist and elegant usage of the divider in its traditional Japanese purpose. A compact system that can construct spaces, decorate and create intimate cones and privet zones.

living room divider 8

Here we have one artistic and clever installation created by Castern Gerhards and Andreas Glücker for B&B Italia. Composed of felt and steel frame this space divider is whimsically designed to display and hold different items.

living room divider 15

Using natural, organic materials palette, the designers from Archiplan Studio composed this three-level apartment in Milan, Italy as an expression of luminous charm and ingenious lattice installations.

living room divider 2

Living Room Textiles & Rugs

For enjoyable life and vital interior composition we need contrast, dynamics – if the walls are monochrome and colorless lets give them live, vitality by adding accents of yellow, green, pink or blue. In this Australian home, the designers have combined the fashionable furniture by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso with the attractive accent of the yellow carpet.

living room decor ideas 5

living room decor ideas 3

Beautiful and stylish composition: the sofa Yard by Francesco Rota, which possesses classic expression in combination: cushions with graphic patterns, a rug that has texture in the same color scheme, as the rest of the decor, but with a strong accent of the yellow. At the end the beautiful focal point of the Pulpo lamp addition.

living room decor ideas 6

The original pattern of the carpet by Creative Matters is wonderfully supplemented by the textiles of the sitting composition. They vary in the same color palette with different hues of gray, so they complete each other magnificently, and the delicate yellow threads of the upholstery bring the necessary contrast and dynamics.

living room decor ideas 7

More organic, minimalist composition with a leather sofa by COR. Cubical shapes and a carpet with animal skin-like graphics, all sustained in warm earthy tonalities.

living room decor ideas 2

This composition by LEMA features the simple elegance of the gray sofa contrasted by the warm ginger: honey tonalities of the carpet supplemented by the shining presence of the brass coffee table.

living room decor ideas 9

Bold, contemporary composition that entwines the artistic, colorful graphics of the Portego,  Sottoportico carpet with a dynamic modern interior, dominated by glass and mirrors.

living room decor ideas 4

Decor Ideas, Lighting & Wallpapers

All the small and not so small details of the rest of the living room composition: art objects, wallpaper, ceramics, lamps are composed by trendy materials: steel, marble or wood, shining brass or satin gold. How to combine them and create strong accents or a chic mix? Thake a look at some of these examples.

living room decor 2

This interior decor by Massimo Castagna is placed in a historic Milanese home with preserved features, spiced up by some trendy and modern insertions. Brass and copper elements and lighting solutions jazz up the decor composition alongside exquisite materials palette: marble, polished concrete, soft, inviting textures; and fashionable furniture.

living room decor 3

living room decor 4

Stone Pendant Light from Tom Dixon brings artistic elegance. Created from white Morwad marble with a central ‘floating’ ball in the form of a brass tipped bulb these lamps are an intriguing addition to any interior.

living room decor 1

Fortepiano Sectional storage wall manufactured by Molteni&C.   is based on only three fundamental elements that can be freely combined: floor or suspended storage units, modular shelves, and display shelves.

living room decor 13

living room colors materials 4 1

Cole and Son wallpaper offers attractive and colorful combinations for wall decoration and textural play. With wallpaper one can let their imagination fly, and as they say “the devil is in the small details.”

living room decor 5

living room decor 9

living room decor 7

living room decor 11

And speaking of small details that make a big difference, the lighting schemes and lamp solutions one chooses to complete their decor composition are always very important and we may say imperative. Here are the lamps that are often present, we absolutely adore the glass bubbles Oda by Sebastian Herkner and the dynamic and playful Steel Drop by e27 Berlin, both for Pulpo. Keep them in mind for next season of living room decoration.