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Taste of Colors the Collection Designed by Edeestudio and Meme Design


The Italian company has entrusted its first collection to the Valencian studio edeestudio. The collection consists of three rugs with an evocative design and where the romanticism is very present in each one: Sapore di Mare, Profumo di Lavanda and Sapore di Mare.

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 7

The main objective has been to convey an innovative idea with an original design, without forgetting the functional and aesthetic product, since the carpets must coexist with the aesthetics and colors of the furniture of Meme Design.

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 9

Sapore Di Mare
Synonymous with vacations and freedom, on the beach at night watching the stars, the sea with its colors and its aroma has inspired the creation of this carpet where blue is the dominant color.

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 6

Profumo Di Lavanda
Inspired by the colors of lavender flowers, from blue to purple, when they were used in Greek and Roman baths. Silence, calm and peace.

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 6

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 5

Sapore Di Vaniglia
With warm and neutral tones in its design and as inspiration the sweet and aromatic flavor of vanilla has designed this last carpet of the collection “Taste of Colors”. Its choice of colors blends perfectly with the rest of furniture of Meme Design.

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 2

edeestudio rug geometric shapes 1