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New COR Collection Presented at imm cologne 2017


Solo for a seat. With Flint and Roc, two new individual easy chairs are being released in 2017. The corner bench Mell even offers seating space for an entire ensemble. Lovers of spacious sofas can get comfortable on Pilotis. And those who like to revel in materials can create surprisingly homely highlights with leather and black chrome.

roc leather fabrics


The basis is a circle that extends upwards into an imaginary square: Like a petal, the easy chair Flint unfolds to create the basic shape of a calyx. “In terms of formal design, it can be compared to the methods used in sculpture,” explains designer Jürgen Laub.

roc leather fabrics 5

“Everything that is superfluous has been cut away to reveal the flowing contours of the body, the back, the armrests and the round seating surface on the inside.” The result is a comparatively delicate, compact individual easy chair.”

roc leather fabrics 4

Flint is rotatable and requires little space while offering plenty of legroom and a high degree of seating comfort. “With its formal separation, ‘stern on the outside, soft on the inside,’ it works best as a soloist, but is still easily combinable,” adds Markus Jehs. This idea can also be applied to the selection of the cover materials. Easy chairs and stools can be designed individually with contrasting colors and materials. The borderline between the inside and outside is emphasized by a circumferential seam – rather like a skyline.
Cover materials: All fabrics and leathers from the COR Collection, Design: Jehs+Laub

flint 6

Protective shell: the easy chair Roc

With Roc (try turning the word around), a highly distinctive, typical item of COR furniture was created in 2015. Now a new easy chair is appearing at the side of the round upholstered chair. Generously shaped, it conveys a sense of security but does without voluminous amounts of material. Dispensing with the ample dimensions of a winged armchair, its highly modern, somewhat minimalistic design vocabulary is representative of a new generation of upholstered easy chairs. Roc’s round back section flows outwards in gently curved armrests, the upholstered body with its slightly convex seat cushion rests on a rounded, smaller base.

flint 7

“The design resembles a protective shell that envelopes the body; no more and no less,” comments Uwe Fischer. The specialists at the COR plant have made sure that round seating furniture can also offer ergonomic comfort. “You sit in it very comfortably, sufficiently upright and pleasantly supported in the slightly sloping lordosis area.” Another positive feature is that the new individual easy chair is comparatively light, making relocation within the room effortless. Available in fabric and leather, also as a swivel chair. Design: Uwe Fischer

mell 6

Thinking around corners: upholstered bench Mell

How to provide ample seating for several people in a small space? With Mell, the new corner bench, the riddle is quickly solved. Loose, separate seat cushions and well-upholstered backrests are more reminiscent of a sofa than of a bench (typical association = hard or uncomfortable).

mell 1

“The new member of the Mell family has been designed very consistently: as upholstered furniture,” says Markus Jehs. But this is not a redesign of the traditional corner bench: “That stood in the kitchen, like a chest to sit on with a backrest.”

mell 2

The new model is ideal for integration into the open layouts of apartments and even offices: as a cozy meeting place for sitting together, whether for cooking and eating, debating, working or playing. Jürgen Laub: “Space is always precious. Today, families or teams are looking for a comfortable seat that does not look plush and fits in well with contemporary architectures. The new corner bench meets these requirements with, among other things, filigree substructures made of chrome-plated steel, alternatively lacquered in RAL colors. Upholstery covers in fabric and leather. Design Jehs+Laub.

mell 4

Pilotis in close-up

Developed in 2016, the Pilotis seating furniture concept with its architectural periphery consisting of side tables, storage areas, and stools, was an instant success. With Pilotis, the designers at Metrica have created modern upholstered furniture that can stand alone in the room and form its living area or island. In a new configuration, it will also be available in “extra large,” providing spacious individual sofas with a seat depth of 90 cm in widths of 218/248 cm. The design is typified by slightly convex seats that widen from the center to the outer edges (90 cm to 120 cm). These elements are now supplied with an armrest on the right or left in a width of 158/218 cm. All the modules can be combined as required.

pilotis 15

Finishes in fabric and leather, side tables and shelves in wood or lacquer in desired colors, foot variants in metal. Design: Metrica

Only three essential elements are required to create endless new forms: Trio is unconventional and casual. In keeping with the first draft from 1972, its geometric design is preserved with modules of around 1 meter x 1 meter. Since 2016, we have presented it as a consistently evolved, modern upholstery furniture system for all living areas. At the imm, we demonstrate how Trio can be presented as highly refined, yet casual and cool in caramel-coloured leather.

trio leder 2

The natural hides are glazed only with an extremely thin wax emulsion. This has the beautiful side effect of making the patina cloudy rather than glossy. The double outer seam is particularly highlighted by special finishing processes. Carefully fitted leather sections are only “openly” stitched, similarly to furs or fine leather goods. This creates three-dimensional edges that underline the geometric effect of this young classic even more strongly.
Available in fabric and leather. Design: team form ag/further development: COR

trio leder

trio leder 1