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Sculptural Table with Dynamic Styling by Ronda Design


Intuition, textured finishes and a great personality are the words to use, to sum up, the Quasimodo table. It is immediately eye-catching thanks to the unprecedented shape of its base and its extremely modern textured mood. Quasimodo is a sculptural table, with significant styling yet concurrently a versatile look; this characteristic feature makes it suitable for all living room and contract settings at the medium to top end of the market.

quasimodo table ronda design 1

High-impact textured blend
The distinguishing trait of Quasimodo is its base, which is made up of a composition of painted metal irregular polygons. Highly original and decorative, the metal structure supports the generous table top, which is available in a classic rectangular shape or with original and peculiar irregular perimeters. The selection of tops to choose from is impressive, including black glass or brushed concrete. This latter material makes it possible to work on very slim thicknesses to lend the table greater elegance and a light-weight appearance.

quasimodo table ronda design 5

Quasimodo’s versatility
The Quasimodo table has a significant yet not eccentric look, which blends in seamlessly with various domestic and contract environments; it can be used in any living room or used as an executive desk or a generously-sized meeting table.

quasimodo table ronda design 4

The metallic DNA of Ronda Design
Selecting and processing metals are in the company’s very DNA. Ronda Design boasts decades of experience in this industry. Ronda Design’s strengths include being an industrial concern, combined with striking designs, craftsmanship skills, and care, as well as the ability to mix different materials to create unprecedented products for the living room in the continuous pursuit of enhancing design quality.

quasimodo table ronda design 3

quasimodo table ronda design 2