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Carpet and Flooring Trends, Designs & Colors


In attempt to explore closely the develop in carpet and flooring trends, their designs and colors aims, the variety of hand-made carpets, machine-made carpets and rugs, textile floor coverings, laminate flooring and in this article we will lead you to the word of Domotex exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The opening statement of designer Alfredo Häberli summons it up nicely.

parador floor fields 1

“We’re surrounded by high tech. Not just houses and vehicles can be smart, but floors too. In the future, they could convert our footsteps into energy”, says designer Alfredo Häberli.

parador floor fields 4

How do you think we’ll live in the future? Alfredo Häberli introduced the new series of laminate flooring and parquet which is innovative, inspired and possesses beautiful colors and effects with the words:

alfredo haberli parador floor fields 1

“A floor can only reveal patterns and textures at second glance. The only thing that is important is that it has an effect, triggers a feeling and underlines the character of the room. Thanks to several experiments carried out in a corresponding kitchen and the testing of innumerable color and painting support combinations, I was able to define a distinctive graphic structure. The result was structure pictures that served as a basis for geometric graphics.”

parador floor fields 2

One of the most iconic plastic floors in the range is the Pirelli Floor, designed in the 70s. Inspired by that the designer Alfredo Häberli has been looking into dots and their spread for quite a while and chooses an irregularity of the pattern that reminds you of domino pieces that were placed next to each other reimagining the idea of the iconic floor. Laid in wood parquet floors, the geometry of dots it is with very low depth and shoes order within the chaos – only visible at a second glance. Moreover, the pattern never becomes boring and hopefully also never entirely clear.

parador floor fields 3

Everything is possible

The designers unite around the assumption that in this stage of development of the technologies there are no impossible aims. For each client there is a solution, each small or big problem can be resolved. The advance in recycling technologies makes possible the reuse of the huge amount of plastic and old textures – like the plastic used in fishing nets.


econyl wall to wall covers 1

With this noble and challenging task is working the Italian company for textile and flooring – Aquafil showing us new solutions of recycling which leads to stunning examples of trendy carpets design. The unused fishing nets and nylons are turned into Econyl –an innovative material to create carpets and wall to wall covers.

econyl wall to wall covers 1 1

Organic materials, cork, laser prints, and graphics

The crock is very popular organic material that is easy for use, economical and just share fun for exploring. Here is one exciting interpretation of cork for flooring.

wicanders 1

Reclaimed and Authentica by Wicanders are two new products just launched onto the market that feature surface printing technology, developed for those who know and appreciate the benefits of a cork floor but prefer the appearance and aesthetics of materials such as wood or stone.

wicanders 2

The world’s leading natural cork flooring producer Wicanders were inspired by the trends in eco-design that favor the use of ecological and recyclable materials, so their Reclaimed collection replicates the natural look of used stone or wood floors. With Reclaimed, authentic looking wood or stone patterns can be replicated onto a cork floor with an unprecedented degree of realism.

lico printcork

Another exciting example of cork use in the latest flooring trends is the Lico Printcork – that features a specially developed printing technology and state-of-the-art paint techniques. Offering a wide variety of possibilities for using natural cork floors – from personalized logo to chosen photo subject imprinted in it. For the creation of this design, there are practically no limits to your own imagination.

forbo marmoleum linoleum 2

Another innovative creation comes from Forbo presenting its new Marmoleum Cocoa range in which natural cocoa shells that have been added to Linoleum, creating a random decorative effect and a new tactile experience to the linoleum product category.

forbo marmoleum linoleum

The second challenging innovation revealed by Forbo is a laminate with added textures and paint patterns applied by laser. An inspired innovation in the word of latest carpet and flooring trends.

forbo marmoleum linoleum 3

Adding light engraving themes to the linoleum brings a unique expression to the Marmoleum tiles. Laser engraving becomes an existing technology to use in materials such as wood and metal and enhances the decorative value of the material.

forbo marmoleum linoleum 1

As a transitional product between carpets and laminate, we would like you to take a look at the project of Bilge Nur Saltik.

bilge nur saltik 2

The vision of the flooring for the future of this Istanbul-based company reveals a combination between hard and soft texture and materials, and industrial with artisan joining methods.

bilge nur saltik 3

Drawing the attention to the transitions between different materials as an element of design the project offers a unique haptic quality that requires no permanent adhesive at all.

bilge nur saltik 1

Handmade carpets

Often the carpets become the central piece of the interior decor composition: they are colorful, attractive, can make a strong statement with their design, composition, and texture; the latest carpet trends in ideas layout are capable of breaking the borders of the imagination.

rug star 11 1

And as Jürgen Dahlmann’s lead designer from Rug Star says: “You take a table and a rug – and voila! You have a dining room.”

rug star 9 1
And even though the carpets are a commercial product they also can be a careful handmade creation. If the carpet is a craftsmanship creation with carefully and imaginatively colored threads and unique patterns, it becomes a piece of art – like a painting or a statue that spice up the interior decor composition. And maybe because of their origin from the old craftsmanship word the handmade carpets remain ideologically close to the classic of Persian carpets tradition. This year we see many art creations that stay close to their origin and parents traditions of Iran’s, Tibetan, Indian and Moroccan art forms. All of which are unique and beautiful in their merit.

rug star 12

Alasht Collection by Edelgrund, made in Iran. A piece of art nominated for Best Transitional Collection. This soft texture carpet uses the traditional framework of woven rugs, but the combination of three main colors in a graphic frame gives it a very modern, almost minimalistic style.

alasht collection edelgrund 1

alasht collection edelgrund 32 1

The similar minimalist expression we observe in this carpet design from the leading European manufacturer Nanimarquina.

nanimarquina carpets 1

So in the sphere of handmade carpets and rugs and carpet trends in general for the next season, we observe that more and more of them draw the attention as an artistic picture or valuable piece of art.

super moon sterling rugs 1

And speaking of carpet as a work of art and expression of creative imagination the Super Moon by Sterling Rugs is an excellent example worth exploring. The vision of its design, simple coloring and fine technique it’s mesmerizing and worth admiration.

ideas innovations flooring design domotex 1 1

creative matters 35

Lately, the carpet’s motifs and colors inspired by Nature are becoming a strong creative statement and defiantly a trend for contemporary carpet design. The water colored mountain picks of Wool and Silk, the touch of winters’ frost and ice in the collection of Rug Star and Creative Matters, or the imitations of leather and fur as well as the landscape scenery become the most expressive and intriguing examples of this trend – inspired by nature.

summit wool and silk 1

animal skin 27

animal skin rex 34 1

In these compositions, the colors are earthly, pastel and natural without dramatic fuss. True harmony and pleasure for the eye.

Colorful trends in carpet design

The beauty of the colors and artistic patterns in the carpet design scene and the upcoming carpet color trends can be found amongst more contemporary and abstract creations that are coming to market this year. Our favorites are the Jaipur Rugs and their collection Unstring by Kavi.

unstring kavi jaipur rugs 1

The artist draws her inspiration from the rich heritage of her childhood homes in rural India and the simplicity discovered through traveling the world. The minimalist and clear-lined design of her creations unravels pure beauty and elegant stylistics.

firesun carpets 1

Astonishing are the silk carpets of Dena. Artist, Art Therapist and designer of Firesun carpets, Australia. Her carpet presented this year the Wrap – is a genuine piece of art that can take your breath away.

“According to the light reflections, the surface of the silk shows an unusual color changes. Each carpet has many colors – up to 36 colors and 576 knots per square inch.”

galleria battilossi carpet 1

After this colorful explosion, we will lead you back to more minimalist contemporary carpets design, this time strongly influenced and inspired by traditions. This hand-knotted modern carpet from Battilossi’s Pattern Mix Collection is like a sand map in the desert – beautiful, holding secrets and inspiring imagination. We love it!

ideas innovations flooring design domotex 2 1

And another example of contemporary carpet inspired by traditions is coming from the Ariana Rugs.

creative matters 9

As a conclusion, we may summon up that where it comes to floorings and wall to wall solution the recycling of natural materials and biomass has a huge influence, and it aims to improve not only the products expression and quality but also the everyday life of people and the planet’s health in general.

forbo marmoleum 7

The new technologies allow the designers to optimize the production, to explore new boundaries and to apply textures, colors and shapes more sophisticated, advanced and creative than ever before. The carpets experience a Renaissance that brings them to the status of precious pieces of art- unique and extravagant. But the traditions that lay the foundations for these innovations are strong and honored. The carpets of the East are a never-ending source of inspiration that still has and will ever have its place in the carpet design scene.