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Attractive Minimalism at Project Calacatta by Studio Extravagauza


Project ‘Calacatta’ is a space which creates a sense of sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, an area that is a balm for the soul of its residents. Designed by UK-based studio Extravagauza who promote their style as a unique combination of aestheticism and functionality, which they term ‘Attractive Minimalism.’

extravagauza 13

This approach has its origin in their fascination with simple, minimalist forms which are enriched with luxury elements attractive to the human eye. A subtle extravagant touch in the form of a calacatta marble wall, in this instance, acts as a blank canvas for other features. A focal point becomes a cozy bed upholstered with high quality, soft fabric enriched with two asymmetric lamps giving the space unusual and exciting look. The color palette is simple but elegant, as the key is to create an environment that pleases the senses without causing distraction or irritation. The absence of anything ‘annoying’ or overwhelming allows plenty of space for appreciation of well designed and beautifully crafted objects – objects that elevate the spirit, making daily life a pleasure.

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