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All-Glass Soup Restaurant in Tokyo


Opened within a vibrant area of Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, a corner plot has been occupied by Also Soup Stock – a specialty soup restaurant – set among a neighborhood of greenery, boutiques and small cafés and design.

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Designed by Yuko Nagayama & Associates, the organically-planned circulation and flow of the three-storey building is put on view through its fully-glass exterior. The west and south-facing facades are installed with glass, steel-sash windows and promotes light, a clear view of restaurant’s activity, eating areas and the rooftop terrace. Upside-down planters hang from the double height ceiling; suspended at the same height as the mezzanine level.

soup restaurant tokyo 3

The corner frontage featuring a four-panel sliding door opens up completely to invite customers and encourages the aroma from the kitchen to waft out to the street. Coupled with the series of casement windows and bench seating outside, a sense of fluidity is established.

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