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Dandy closet by Officinadesign LEMA


Dandy closet designed by Officinadesign LEMA amazes with an innovative solution to use textile to create a wardrobe. Dandy is an unpretentious but elegant example of contemporary furniture.

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Officinadesign Lema is the soul of the brand, a team of creatives and technicians, led by art director Piero Lissoni transform into products the philosophy and the DNA of the company. The result is a series of products that create a home where design comes on tiptoe and embraces a lifestyle that is far from the clamor and pretentiousness.

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Dandy closet is defined by the various souls of the door characterized by the perimetric frame in black metal and a large assortment of panels: transparent glass, bronze reflecting glass, lacquered glass in 10 colors, bronze glass with textile silk-screen printing or decorative fabric. Customizable in depth, it also features wide-ranging internal equipment to offer multiple combinations for any need of order: drawer units, display cases for trousers, belts, and shoes. Shelf and hanging bar with a built-in light. Without forgetting the precious details in leather and fabric like the mats for drawers and boxes for shirt compartments.

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