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Red Season


All year round red stands for optimism and vital energy, love, and courage. And then there’s the magic of red decorations on a Christmas tree, red fireworks at New Year’s Eve and red hearts for Valentine’s Day. Designers present different ways to bring the energy of red inside your homes: find out more on the products by Bonaldo, Lithos Design, MCZ, Sergio Leoni and Tubes Radiatori.

poly xo chair 2

tracks table 3

The Coral sofa, designed by Sergio Bicego, stands out for its generous 110 cm deep seat, which ensures the utmost levels of comfort. Coral can be customized with cushions in various sizes, as well as being extremely versatile, thanks to the availability of various modules: sofas, corner modules, and poufs. The upholstery is available with fully removable fabric or leather covers and comes in either the smooth version, for a minimal look, or in the inviting quilted version.

coral sofa 8

“In Ketch there is a synthesis which in some way also exists in the world of sailing, where the shapes are first and foremost imposed by functional requirements: you only have what’s needed with no extras. This approach has also been implemented to design this chair: we got rid of all the fancy frills to keep only what was strictly necessary to provide a comfortable seat with an identifiable shape that was simple and far from ordinary.” – Bartoli Design

ketch chair

The Ketch chair designed by Bartoli Design draws its inspiration from the world of sailing, both in its name – a Ketch is a type of sailing craft – and in its design, recalling the shape the sail takes when filled with wind: these shapes are at the same time curved, taut and seamless. The metal frame and comfortable padding are upholstered with leather, eco-leather or fabric covers, which are fully removable.

may shelving unit
May shelving unit by Gino Carollo can be used individually or in combination with April and June, adapting to any interior décor to perfection. Both the frame and the shelves are made of matt painted metal available in the following colors: black, white, saffron yellow, red, blue, green, mint green, anthracite gray, dove-grey, brown and powder pink.

picabia bed

Picabia by Giuseppe Viganò is a playful juxtaposition of cushions which add flair to this bed and increase its range of uses during different times of the day. The headboard is a dynamic the combination of different shapes and nuances and in the single version it fully covers one of the longer sides of the bed, thus acting like a sideboard. Available in different combinations of fabrics and colors and both in the double and single versions.

poly xo chair 1

Poly XO chair by Karim Rashid stands for “polycarbonate”, the material originally used to make the chair, which has been restyled this year and launched in the Poly XO version entirely upholstered in fabric, leather or eco-leather covers. Poly stands out for its geometric, youthful and original design. The seat and backrest are made up of several crisscrossing surfaces, and yet the chair does not appear at all “edgy” overall: indeed, it is inviting and welcoming, a styling impression that is confirmed by the comfortable seat and the warmth imbued by the upholstered versions.

to be bedside table

To Be bedside table by Gino Carollo is a collection of bedroom furniture. Its frame is made of wood, and it is available in the following versions: lacquered white, anthracite gray, red and dove-grey. The handles are made of heat-treated oak or natural ash-wood. The base is of painted metal, and it is available in several colors, making it possible to create an object which best suits the style of your bedroom: the classic white, anthracite gray or dove-grey, or the newer saffron yellow, red or mint green.

tracks table 1

Tracks table by Alain Gilles is the extending table designed for Bonaldo by Alain Gilles. It stands out for its architectural frame featuring simple silhouettes which, as the chromatic details vary, makes for table versions with an entirely different personality each time. The “tracks” are two parallel steel beams which make up the table top extension mechanism and are clearly visible, from the top and from the side, thereby becoming the fundamental a feature which determines the styling of the table.

tratto sideboard 6

The Tratto sideboard designed by Mauro Lipparini stands out for its simple but sophisticated geometric shapes, where
the alternation between filled volumes and voids and the various finishes and color hues available create endlessly possibilities of combination. All components of Tratto – from the legs to the panels, doors and shelves – lead back to the purely geometric composition, which makes it a simple interior design object which blends in seamlessly with any décor. The feet and top are available in multiple color variants; the frame is made of oak, available in various finishes, or in walnut-wood.

stonework lithos design 4

An exciting modern-day expression of industrial stone design applied to the art of inlay work. 44 types of marble, six patterns, 25 color ranges, material wastage, reduced close to zero: design inlay work comes into the world. The designs, the nuances and the productive approach to this new collection break down the classical idea of marble inlay work and its use in the field of decoration for floors and claddings by driving innovation into hitherto unexplored realms. The collection makes its début with a variety of hues, in a series of ready-for-use ensembles that do not forgo the preciousness of antique inlay work yet at the same time speak to the onlooker in a new language, linked to an exceptional mark of design.

stonework lithos design 2

A unique serial production, an imperceptible modular layout and an avant-garde design. This is a sequence of 60 cm x 60 cm modules, with patterns that can be extended depending on the tastes and requirements of the designer, in Wall claddings and floorings. Serial sequences where the material is a true protagonist display continuous and non-continuous geometric shapes, scattered graphical compositions, games of delicate or contrasting colours, dim effects or almost optical styles… all these items have been created by using techniques which although produced on an industrial scale nevertheless obey the traditional rules of inlay, in the same way as the artist who engraved and selected stones for their colors, their tones and their grain as long ago as the 1500s.

stonework lithos design 7

Claddings and floors ready for use, extremely short fit-out times. Each module is easy to lay, and it comes delivered in a completely finished form. The rendering and added value are the same as for a traditional work of inlay, but with some further unprecedented benefits: the possibility to choose between different patterns whose aesthetical and the chromatic format is pre-defined as it has been subject to careful prior assessment, the freedom to be able to apply the design inlay to horizontal or vertical surfaces of any dimension and exceptionally short fit-out times.

Stonework design explores new avenues. With this collection, Lithos Design has switched its production focus from a sculptural approach to one which is more pictorial. In addition to the search for three-dimensional results which until now has been typical of the way in which the brand has evolved, there is now desire to design with colors, understood as a meticulous selection of raw materials, know-how of colors, hues, veins and their performances, a mix of shadows and chiaroscuro effects as well as on its various shapes.

ceramic hydro pellet stove 1

Ceramic hydro pellet stove with innovative features, the result of several years of rigorous tests:

– significant performance levels especially regarding efficiency and emissions;

– excellent thermal exchange with the water in the system and, at the same time, high-performance room ventilation: while the stove keeps water in the radiators hot, 3 – 5 kW power is also used for room heating through forced ventilation (with the No-Air function, supplied as standard);

– standard sealed structure, ideal for ensuring maximum thermal comfort even in high-efficiency houses;

– “environmentally friendly” design: this stove is already compliant with the Ecodesign 2022 directive on emissions and environmental impact;

– ignition speed: the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times – practical to use thanks to an innovative self-cleaning brazier and a larger ash drawer: an automatic scraping system prevents ash deposits and avoids having to clean the firebox on a daily basis, whereas the larger ash drawer allows emptying just once a week.

ceramic hydro pellet stove 2

Inspired by the Central European ceramics tradition. This pellet stove harks back to Nordic tradition, both in its geometry and in the decorative painting of the “tiles” pattern of graphic and minimal effect on the exterior t is characterized by typical Nordic tile design. It is available in two versions, with natural convection (Marlene PN) and hydro (Marlene PI).

ceramic hydro pellet stove 3

ceramic hydro pellet stove 6

“The idea stems from the desire to create an object with a simple, fluid shape. A sort of screen that can be folded back, like a folding screen. I like thinking of objects which are essential but conceal a perfected technological complexity. Today, we need to surround ourselves with friendly elements, with a clear image yet with a dynamic behavior”- Alberto Meda

origami alberto meda electric radiator tubes 5

Light and free like a butterfly, extending and folding like a folding screen, enveloping and cozy like an embrace, capable of producing heat for any room thanks to a significant yet discrete presence. This is Origami, designed by Alberto Meda, a high-efficiency electric plug & play radiator that liaises with its surroundings, offering the possibility of separating two rooms, of preserving privacy, of enhancing the atmosphere of discretion, increasing the feeling of well-being.

Origami protects, heats and gives character to the environment in a lightweight, sinuous way, without setting limits, but with the sole purpose of recreating the sacredness of our private and essential interior space; it is a poetic, sinuous, jointed and flexible item of interior décor, which gives rise to product types and configurations based on a rounded module alternating voids with the heating core.

origami alberto meda electric radiator tubes 1

There are three versions of Origami fitting every room within the home, each one characterised by additional accessories, as emphasised by Cristiano Crosetta, CEO of Tubes: “We wanted to bring to life a versatile element, a project that would allow the creation of multifarious models integrated with accessories which would differentiate them according to the kind of room. Originating from the idea of using contemporary technology capable of combining functionality, innovation, and ease of use, Origami is an eclectic radiator, with changing shapes to suit particular requirements, and offering excellent thermal capacity”.

In the free-standing version, fold after fold, the movable modules allow space to be set out like an actual folding screen, ready to safeguard our privacy. The stylish image is completed by the supporting feet, which have been designed to ensure safety and stability to the product, yet which also contribute with their presence to the overall attraction of the design, adding to it a styling appeal.

The wall-mounted version was devised with a single or double element. In the double version, the movement of the two modules emulates a butterfly beating its wings, radiating heat and changing when needed into an elegant retractable towel rail.

Unlike traditional radiators, with Origami towels, are completely enveloped and hidden from view when the radiator is folded up onto the wall, optimizing space. Lastly, the static, monumental totem version is a modern reinterpretation of the magical antique Japanese art of the origami. With the same expertise used to transform a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional one, the company had the possibility to transform extruded aluminum into a heating and self-standing decorative accessory.

Origami is characterized by an extraordinary freedom of composition, accompanied by dimensional flexibility, thanks to the skillful construction techniques of Tubes along with the use of extruded aluminum technology. The complex engineering behind the product, developed by the company’s engineers, makes it possible to produce elements of varying height and, even in the extrusion phase, allows the incorporation of various functions: thanks to the heat generated by convection from the radiator’s hollow elements, an increase in thermal capacity and efficiency is ensured.

This technology allows an ultimate modularity of the heat because each module of Origami can be turned on or kept off according to the individual needs of the user, with the ensuing modulation of consumption levels, too. Flexible, versatile, easy to position in any room, Origami combines performance with styling in a “nomadic” object that decorates the home, putting design and technology at the disposal of heat.

Origami was assigned the Best product award in the Bathroom sector 2016 on the occasion of the first edition of the the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award. The jury decided to reward the light-weight high-tech radiator, which extends and folds like a folding screen, “for its ability to innovate through the versatility of use and morphological originality.”

This award is especially appreciated by the Company, for the very fact that it testifies to the major investment in the pursuit of innovative technological solutions as well as in the world of design. With Origami, as with the other items in the collection, Tubes brings to life new concepts of multifunctional and versatile radiators/furnishings with a doubtless aesthetic value. Origami is the new star of the bathroom and more, as it is also suitable for the living areas of the home or communal and workplaces.

rift radiator tubes radiatori 7

“Rift is a new radiator made up of different modules which can be combined to make up compositions which fit perfectly into any architectural space. It is a functional product with a minimalist elegance that enables architects to ‘design’ the composition which best fits their needs.” Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini;

rift radiator

Rift is a modular, component-based radiator, designed to satisfy the customization needs of any designer. It is made up of modules in extruded aluminum which can be arranged horizontally or vertically, aligned, unaligned or inverted in order to form compact, symmetrical or asymmetrical sculptures. Its versatility is further enhanced by the line of accessories, which includes shelves, making the radiator perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, along with heated towel rails, ideal for the bathroom.

rift radiator tubes radiatori 8

The greatest new feature of Rift, which makes it the perfect radiator for renovations is its great, patented technical innovation related to installation which is much simpler than for any traditional radiator. Precise centering is no longer necessary for connection to the plumbing system which for Rift occurs using a single collector with flexible centering. Tubes Radiatori offers some standard models consisting of double or multiple combinations of Rift, horizontally or vertically aligned, misaligned or reversed by varying sizes and different joints, creating a collection of monumental and customized radiators according to your taste and needs.

rift radiator tubes radiatori 11

“The image of a ladder resting against a wall makes one think of something new, of human industry, of the future, of going from the bottom upwards. It embodies the opposing concepts of dynamism and stillness. It is a positive icon. This heating “ladder” is an item that I have long desired for my home, so I think it answers one of the first questions people have when observing a new item of design.” Elisa Giovannoni;

electric radiator tubes

The heated towel rail Scaletta has all it takes to be considered part of the Elements collection in its own right, ombining projects where radiators and towel rails, reinterpreted by internationally acclaimed designers, are designed as  elements of the architectural structure, with a strong personality and furnishing ability.

The design of Scaletta is a far cry from traditional heated towel rails: the ladder is an immediate object, which needs no
explanations to be understood because it is part of everyone’s imagination. Scaletta is instinctively conceived as an “object that decorates and heats”, offering in addition the utmost freedom of positioning it in any part of the room, mostly in the bathroom.

What’s more, since it does not require installation, you can move it to another room in the home if necessary, and also take it with you when you move home. With an electric power supply, Scaletta is made of aluminium in a wide range of Tubes colours, and it is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable.

picabia bed 3 2

picabia bed 2