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Greenery – Pantone Color of the Year 2017


Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.

greenery 7

Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This shift is reflected by the proliferation of all things expressive of Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices globally. A constant on the periphery, Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront – it is an omnipresent hue around the world. A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality. You can see a selection of products in Greenery color:

Filo by Ivan Palmini is a concept devised by Ivan Palmini and produced by ALL+, to provide a simple and stylish solution to the seating requirements of busy transit or waiting for areas, both indoors and outdoors. The strength of its thready steel frame joins the light weight of aluminium, an eco-compatible material that ALL+ uses for the seating and the backrest. The slats offer endless customization possibilities thanks to the colored laminate claddings or silk-screen printing.

greenery 1

The slats are now also available with PVC cushion covers for outdoor use and eco-leather or fabric cushion covers for indoor use. Thanks to its single length of 60 cm, the cushions can be changed and replaced freely and easily and are also available in multiple colours. Thanks to a 3D technology painting technique, Filo is now also available with wood effect slats and frame. The slats that make up the seat and backrest of the benches will be cut to the desired size after the painting process; this way, the fact that the material used is still aluminum can be seen by looking at the edges of the benches.

greenery 2

The new Plumage collection by Vanessa Vivian evokes the overlapping feathers of a tropical bird: a series of hanging or floor lamps with magnificent feather-like shapes, white painted metal structures and TREVIRA® CS Fabric diffusers. The overlapping shapes and light layers of fabric cast interesting shadows and create dark and light giving the lamp a dynamic appearance, like the feathers of a large bird. There are seven monochrome colors available or a multicolored version, all of which are made of removable and washable fabric.

The TREVIRA® CS fire-resistant fabric is easy to remove. The fabric is washable and available in seven different colors: white, green, red, brown, orange, light gray, fuchsia or in a bright multicolored version. The result is a fabulous and sunny lampshade, with a the distinctive shape, size, and chromatic impact, yet light in its overall appearance.

greenery 5

Structure is the new collection of padded products designed by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo, which includes sofas in various sizes and an armchair. “The Structure Sofa was conceived by an idea of playing with the frame of a classic sofa, of “opening” it up to reveal a softer interior and of creating dynamic motion between the seat and backrest”, is how Alain Gilles describes his concept. As its name clearly suggests, it is the very structure that defines the logic of the products, where the metal core is sometimes evident, others partly concealed, thereby giving the sofa or armchair an informal appearance. The Structure collection is made with metal legs which can be painted anthracite gray, white, dove-grey, amaranth, black or green, and these colours can be chosen to contrast with the upholstery, which is available in leather or fabric, thus creating an unexpected styling effect.

greenery 6

Tree is the new coat stand Mario Mazzer’s fantasy has created for Bonaldo. The procedure used for the creation of Tree is rotational molding, thanks to which the properties of plastic materials are optimized obtaining very homogeneous and constant thicknesses. The company has already used this technique, invented at the beginning of the 70s, to create different successful products such as the Skoop stool (Karim Rashid, 2005), the coat stand/lamp Battista (Design Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, 2004) and the now historic rocking armchair Flip (Design Dondoli and Pocci, 2001). Smooth and slender, Tree stretches up to the sky, its branches holding coats and objects covering it like thick foliage. Made out of plastic material, its base has a steel disk that provides sturdiness and stability. Tree is available in the opaque version in red, orange, white, green and anthracite gray and in the new, trendy gloss version in white, black and gold.

greenery 4

The heated towel rail Scaletta has all it takes to be considered part of the Elements collection in its right, combining projects where radiators and towel rails, reinterpreted by internationally acclaimed designers are designed as elements of the architectural structure, with a strong personality and furnishing ability. The design of Scaletta is a far cry from traditional heated towel rails:

A ladder is an immediate object, which needs no explanations to be understood because it is part of everyone’s imagination. Scaletta is instinctively conceived as an “object that decorates and heats,” Offering rings, also, the utmost freedom of positioning it in any part of the room, mostly in the bathroom. What’s more, since it does not require installation, you can move it to another room in the home if necessary, and also take it with you when you move home.
With an electric power supply, Scaletta is made of aluminum in a wide range of Tubes colors, and it is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable. The two versions are accessorized with a hook and a sponge tidy. The floor standing version can also be fitted with a practical storage shelf.

greenery 3