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KIDO Sushi Bar by DA architects


Entwining craft artistry, simple Asian design and eminent elegance in one eclectic, breathtaking interior The Kido Sushi Bar by DA Architects presents us with a magnificent example of contemporary interior design.

kido sushi bar 2

kido sushi bar 14

The wooden patterns of the artistic installation that decorated the walls and ceiling becomes the main capturing feature of the restaurant layout. Arranged in different geometrical shapes the light wood 3D installation is standing out on the pure black canvas of the decor arrangement. With its well-balanced combination of soft black furniture, polished gray surfaces, and discrete light installations the place exudes welcoming and tranquil atmosphere.

kido sushi bar 17

Some rural elements of the decor – like the clay pots on the walls or the linen and bamboo mats enhance the simple elegance of the interior arrangement and become reminiscent of the Asian origin of the cuisine served in this beautiful space. Unostentatious plants with exotic appearance placed in tasteful pots complete the elegant design of the pace. Everything in this restaurant interior- except the delightful wooden installations, is well balanced and shows the quiet elegance and the welcoming harmony of the Asian simplicity in interior décor.

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