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Restio River House by SAOTA Architects


This contemporary house project of SAOTA Architects captures the supreme beauty of its South African surroundings and reflects it in its lumens, spacious and clear lined design. The play of the warm sun, the flout of the sea breeze and the luxury of high-end holiday life is reflected in the clever architectural arrangement of the hose, into the selection of trendy and quality fittings and furnishings and it goes a long way throughout the premises. The design emanates welcoming comfort and modern lifestyle leisure and provokes feelings of joy and relaxation.



The simplicity of the architectural shell that opens completely to its exterior through vast glass doors and sliding windows allows the merger of the natural beauty of Pringle Bay with the light contemporary design of the inner premises. Look at that bedroom- open and sunny and allowing its inhabitants to enjoy the breathtaking view directly from bed or just make a few steps and reach the fresh outside atmosphere. The light wooden fittings and the mild color composition enhance the sensation of a free and easy float of life.


The designers had used their signature combination between trendy, contemporary furnishing and ethnic and vintage elements in the décor composition. This gives strong and memorable character to the place. In the vast, sunny living premises the open plan of the architectural design allows the coexistence of multiple astonishing elements. Beneath the contemporary and fashionable lamps installations, a custom made wooden furniture entwines with soft textures, modern design pieces of furniture and a spice of local craftsmanship. The color selection of the design is dominated by soft whites and light wood elements that sit wonderfully under the high African sun. Trendy brass details, leather insertions and contemporary pieces of art complete the picture of this luxurious living space.