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Barrows Office Space Design by Ghislaine Vinas


Usually, people spend so much time in their work space that nowadays the interior design of the office is as much important as the design of the home. There are also the scientific facts of how colors reflect the mood and the emotional state of the inhabitants – so it’s quite important for contemporary designers to secure the best environment for creativity and chill working space design. This project of Ghislaine Vinas explores the cultural references of her home land (and the South African company Barrows that placed the assignment) and combine them with contemporary work space trends.




This office space located in one of Soho’s Art Deco buildings offers a dynamic and youthful mixture of custom made fittings, bold and cheerful colors and a magnificent selection of contemporary furniture designs. Trendy and renowned brands like Viccarbe and Bla Station, designers’ pieces like Patricia Urquiola and Victor Carrasco tables, the Arik Levy’s high-backed Platform sofa add style and elegant playfulness to the space arrangement. The eye-catching photorealistic, tropical wallpaper that defines the cafeteria and staircase premises were designed by Viñas herself for Flavor Paper.



We are particularly entertained by the playfulness of the bathrooms design with its street art stylistics and cheerful quietness. The reception area is designed in relaxing, cool blue and has intruding niches and soft furniture casually spread out to evoke chill and calm atmosphere. The rope installation on the ceiling is only one of the many thoughtful design touches and decorative details that give this office its unique and intriguing vibe.  Photography by Garrett Rowland