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Blue Wave Cocktail Bar in Barcelona


Take a deep breath and breathe-in the sea aroma this place exudes. The intriguing, playful and artistic decor of the Blue Wave Cocktail Bar in Barcelona is mesmerizing and evokes further deep exploration; it’s like diving into the sea- rich of wonders and strange lights. The designers from El Equipo Creativo had been inspired from a difficult to recreate image – a wave before it breaks – dynamic, powerful with rich plays of light and color the inspiration had found its unique expression and its worth exploring and visiting.



Using unexpected materials palette the designers had found a way to express the ever-changing and deeply amazing nature of the water. Play of light and color, shape and space compose this contemporary bar by the sea. Lattice constructs (that bring additional play of light and shadow) alternate with the tile compositions that characterize the place. Carrying the Mediterranean spirit the ceramic tiles are all handmade by local ceramic artisans and specifically designed for the project. Their color ranges from deep blue to white and occasional golden elements recalls the sun reflections on water. Everything of this bar design is inspired and dominated by the sea – the color combinations, the reflective play of the tiny elements that designers used to have the prism of the light that can be observed on the surface of the water, even the low marble tables at the terrace have an irregular shape and appear like pebbles on the sand.


The terrace decor ensures the transition between the sea and the land – the place has a magnificent long side view towards the marina, but its wooden pavement and zone cladding create a topography of different levels that connects with the earth in an ideological sense after the gorgeous blue sea interior of the bar. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean plant life, comfy looking furniture, and mild color palette space invites relaxation and quiet observation of the tranquil surrounding and sea. Modern and young with innovative shapes, light plays and sparkling glimpses the place decor has many faces – like the sea and its inviting as it.   Photography by Adrià Goula