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Victorian Home Renovation by Hecker Guthrie


Elegant and graceful the renovation project of this Melbourne located, Victorian house is carried by the renowned studio of Hecker Guthrie. Designed as a family home the Victorian architectural shell of the house is full of hidden treasures cleverly rediscovered and given a new read by the contemporary approach of the architects. Delicious details like the ceiling roses, the arched windows, and the gorgeous Baltic pine parquet are revived and given a unique, artistic read in the design arrangement.




A contemporary take on the classic idea of sun room – the atrium with its vast windows and skylights become the luminous heart of the house – here modern furnishing, vintage inspired pieces, and bright design arrangement coexist harmoniously. This well-balanced duplicity can be found in the other premises of the home as well. In the dining zone, the floor mosaics is combined with light, elegant furniture design, artistic pieces of modern lamps solutions and steel framed glass partitions. The bedroom offers the romantic ambiance secured by the arched windows and the warmth presence of the wooden floor in combination with elegant design furniture pieces. The bathroom has a stronger contemporary presence with its clear-lined elegance and pure functionality, only the bathtub with its new take on romantic classics continues the line of historical hints. Brass and marble, wood, glass and metal entwine in one organic materials palette and compose the high-quality decor of this Victorian house.




The whiteness of the walls reflects the abundant natural sunlight that the designers invited in and gives the perfectly balanced ambiance a canvas on which to enroll the coexistence of classic charm and contemporary dynamics. The color palette is also well balanced – the existing whiteness is allowing the colorful pieces of furniture and fittings to find their harmonious place. Rediscovering the hidden historical treasures of the house and making them functional and long-lasting by elegant contemporary design and additions the architect’s stroke a golden line for this unique and bright home.