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Ski Resort Villa in the French Alps


One more of French jewels that combines ethnic charm with modern living design, playful and stylish spirit and handcrafted ingenuity with trendy furniture. This exclusive apartment is developed and rebuild by studio Refuge according to the needs of the owner: open space, full of light and warmth.



The custom made fittings and wooden elements alternate with modern pieces of furniture, rich textures and provocative pieces of art, this creates one dynamic and entertaining ambiance that is apparently composed with style. The rich materials palette is combining the magnificent wood cladding and structures with metal, glass, soft textures and modern materials that altogether create a very welcoming atmosphere.


Whimsical decor elements: like the swing and the little sheep stature in the living room; are entwined with ethnic defiles, textures, and touches that correspond with the richness of the gorgeous wooden composition. The warm and cozy spirit of the spaces is underlined by the color compositions – pastel tonalities with high character, laid on a base of the natural wood color framed by dark gray and black fittings.


The kitchen zone composition is especially intriguing – here the wooden fittings and the custom made wine cellar are entwined with ultra-modern appliances and furniture, a surroundings laid beneath the arched window and the fragile glass lamps spheres and enchanting design. The bedroom interior invites and relaxes with its tranquil, stylish combinations and light spirit. The whole apartment is arranged with style and a well balanced concept of global decor that exudes tranquility and inviting promise of a pleasant experience.