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Games of Perspective and Kaleidoscopic Patterns at Bonaldo’s New Products


Enchanting hypnotic perspectives, overlapping graphics and bright colors with a strong visual impact, fluid forms that appear to change and reshape depending on the point of view: these are the characteristics of some new products launched by Bonaldo in 2016.



Doppler, the collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò and comprising coffee tables and new sideboards, features a kaleidoscope of shapes and bright colors. A charming sequence of rings dazzle those who observe Hulahoop, the original table by Alessandro Busana. Looking in the New Perspective Mirror, designed by Alain Gilles, gives the observer the impression of diving into a new perspective. Last but not least, the Nikos armchair, designed by Sergio Bicego, adds a touch of fresh originality to the most diverse settings thanks to the graphic design on the upholstery which is distinguished by lines that chase each other and cross one another, in a mesmerising rainbow of colours.


The Doppler sideboards supplement the Doppler coffee table collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Bonaldo. They propose the same illusion of overlapping surfaces, whereas actually the doors are made up of a single surface: indeed, it is the combination of various brightly coloured graphic patterns that creates this particular optical effect. The asymmetrical opening of the doors is an additional sign of originality. The lacquered wood frame is supported by a solid ash-wood base, painted in grey or walnut-wood. Bonaldo produces the Doppler sideboards in two different sizes: one high and the other low, to furnish both the living room and the bedroom.


Named after a fun game, Hulahoop table is the new family of tables designed by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo. The name itself conveys the substantial aspects of the design: appeal and dynamism, summed up in a simple circular element developed in space.


Hulahoop is characterized by a minimal table top and a frame comprising metallic rings which, owing to perspective, overlap one another, giving rise to a graphic pattern capable of rendering a dynamic image that changes every time depending on the viewpoint. Hulahoop offers multiple combinations of materials and dimensions. The table top – which is free of sharp edges, simple and clean-cut – is in fact available in various types of marble, wood, ceramic and glass. The decorative base is made of metal painted in a host of different colours or with copper, brass or pickled finish.


The idea of Belgian designer Alain Gilles was to bring the mirror to life, turning it from a cold and empty surface into a dynamic object with a rich personality. As the name suggests, the New Perspective Mirror plays with depth and perspective, giving the illusion of a room beyond the mirror.


The distinguishing feature of this mirror lies in the hand-drawing of lines made directly on its surface, which gives it a multiple personality: it is not just an object whose sole function is to that of a mirror but rather a decorative furnishing element. The New Perspective Mirror is available in 3 different color variants to adapt to various styles and interior décors: combinations of red/green/blue, or monochrome black or copper. Available in two versions, either “large” or “small”; the “small” version is fitted with a brushed anthracite grey oak shelf on which the mirror rests, set in a slot.



Sergio Bicego extends the Nikos family of seats, supplementing it with a low armchair, Nikos low, a quilted version, Nikos ego, and a settee, Nikos Sofa, distinguished by soft and attractive silhouettes. Cosy and comfortable, the new entries in the Nikos collection are especially comfortable thanks to the soft down padding and ergonomically-designed lower back cushion which supports the lower back area. With fully removable covers, all Nikos models have a metal base, painted in a variety of colours, and are available in fabric or leather.