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Traccia on Show to Celebrated Marmomacc’s 50th Anniversary


Traccia, the iconic self-supporting stone wall launched on the market in 2009 and now restyled with new material, took part in the exhibition – 50 Years of Living Marble.



A perfect balance between the strength of stone and the lightness of the designed perforated weft. Traccia, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, is an elegant self-supporting marble partition and starred at the exhibition ’50 years of living marble’ which took place inside The Italian Stone Theatre at Marmomacc (Verona, 28/09-01/10). Traccia, made for Marmomacc 2016 in a type of marble never used before for this product, Breccia di Serravezza, is designed as a functional and decorative element – to separate rooms, to create ornamental barriers, to organise exclusive spaces – thanks also to its painstakingly devised modularity which gives it the possibility to be adapted both in height and width, combining standard modules safely and securely thanks to an invisible internal steel structure that can be attached to the floor and/or to the ceiling.



The exhibition ’50 years of living marble’ aimed to be an historic-anthological collection of Italian stone product design. The exhibition, which consisted of hand-made marble products originating from collections and archives of historic design companies and enterprises from the stone industry which deals specifically with product design, had the purpose of providing an effective comparison between current stone design, which uses sophisticated processing technologies, and products from the “craft-based generation.” Traccia is one of Lithos Design‘s best sellers and is used by architects all over the world to furnish spaces with great personality and characterized by the sophisticated workmanship and the textured appeal of marble.