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New Urban Restaurant by YOD Design Studio


Want an unusual cosmopolitan and artistic experience while consuming the simplest American food – the burger? Is that even possible? Check out this Ukrainian restaurant project and you will see that there is nothing simple about the burger or the new urban restaurant deign.



Artistic and vintage elements, shining brass and unique lighting scheme wrapped in a shell of raw concrete. The design of this burger restaurant in Poltava, Ukraine is conceptually linked to the burger itself – a soft, tasty core inside of simpler surrounding. The rich material palette of the place is organic and surprisingly original, its main ingratiate is the hand-crafted tree veneer hanging from the ceiling and symbolizing minced meat. No doubt this custom-made artistic installation from the designers of the place – the YOD Design Studio of commercial design is the main focal point of the relatively small space of the restaurant. The play of light amongst the wood brings warm and cozy atmosphere to the otherwise urban industrialism of the row concrete slabs that compose the architectural shell.


The wooden furnishing, the bars details, and elements of the decor and the graffiti decorations balance between the enchanted magic of the artistic ceiling and the robust expression of the concrete and metal fittings of the design. Urban art meets playful contemporary design: mild organic materials entwine with their more severe partners – wood and metal, leather and concrete. The palace is not only well balanced artistic expression of modern city life, but it’s also outgoing, fresh and young in the way its customers are.