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Practical and Smart Furniture by Bonaldo


Bonaldo the Italian company specialized in the production of furniture and interior design items, offers practical furnishings and a refined style that perfectly meet the needs of those who live in small spaces. Practical sofa beds, coat hangers which also perform the function of mirror and shelf, sideboards that become desks, poufs that can be used as useful storage containers and illuminating coat stands thanks to this smart furniture pieces; even limited space can be exploited at maximum.



Alvar by Giuseppe Viganò
The distinguishing feature of the Alvar bed, designed by Giuseppe Viganò, lies in the possibility of plying the bed to every specific need, thanks to the combination of padded platforms devised to create the headboard, the bed surround, and the footboard, choosing from various shapes and compositions. The bed can also be ordered with a matching bedside table. The superior level of customisation also concerns the type of quilting, the upholstery cover – which is fully removable – and the color (a maximum of 8 different textile/leather covers can be ordered). In the single bed version, Alvar can become a versatile sofa-bed when required, providing a practical interior design solution for various occasions.


Piers by Roberto Paoli
“Pier” is another English word for a wharf or jetty. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the word is also used to define docks in ports where ships can dock directly from the sea, featuring geometrical shapes that resemble those used to make up Piers. Piers is an object comprising elementary figures, each one performing one of the three functions of the product: the square becomes a practical coat hanger fitted with solid wood knobs, the circle is a mirror and the rectangle a convenient storage shelf. Piers has its very own code, consisting of overlapping decorative combinations which make it concurrently useful and playful, capable of playing its roles – usually allocated to several different objects – lightly and harmoniously. What sets Piers apart from the rest is its fresh and lively styling, which brightens up settings with fun and color: a mix&match of characteristics that makes it perfect for saving space in a young and modern home. The lacquered wood panels of Piers are available in four color combinations – yellow and anthracite gray, green and dove-grey, powder pink and amaranth, orange and dove-grey.


Bandy by Vittorio Prevedello
Designed to blend in seamlessly with contemporary settings, Bandy swiftly turns the sofa into a convenient bed: the manual mechanism moves the seat forward and lowers the backrest to form a comfortable bed surface (130 cm x 200 cm). The base is made of matt painted metal in anthracite gray, dove grey, black, white or red. The sofa is upholstered in removable fabric or leather covers; the stitching can also be in the same color or contrast with the upholstery.



Summer by Gino Carollo
The Summer sideboard stands out for its vertical trapezoidal shape and features two drawers and an open compartment above, which can be used to store books and objects of any kind. If necessary, Summer can be transformed into an elegant desk. Summer has a lacquered wood frame and a painted metal base and is available in saffron yellow, white, anthracite gray and matt red. The elegant geometrical shape and the energy of the colors lend an original touch to every space.


Secret by Mauro Lipparini
The secret is a series of poufs with soft truncated pyramidal shapes. Thanks to their discrete appearance, they blend in easily with various settings, acting as both a seat as well as a practical storage compartment. The poufs have a wooden frame and are entirely upholstered with fabric, leather or eco-leather covers – the contrast with the double-stitched raw-cut stitching emphasizes the edges all around the rounded sides. Available in two different sizes, Secret comes in the two-tone or plain color versions.


Pebble Pouf by Matthias Demacker
Pebble pouf stands out for its soft shapes, like those of stones which have been smoothed and honed by the sea. The openings in the frame have both a styling and a practical function since the body of the pouf itself can house books, magazines or other everyday items and at the same time can be used as a seat. Pebble is made of polyethylene and is available in plain white or two-tone versions in different colors.


Kadou Light by Ryosuke Fukusada
The coat stand Kadou is available also in the Kadou Light version, which can also light its surroundings: Kadou has thus been turned into a floor lamp. The base of Kadou Light is made of white polyethylene, and the five branches are made of steel, in eight different colors: the result is a bright, contemporary item of interior décor which blends seamlessly in with any setting.