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Beachyhead – Elegant Home with Stunning View by SAOTA Architects


South Africa always has been a beautiful scene for the development of new ideas and stunning projects in the sphere of contemporary architecture and interior design. So this project of the renowned studio SAOTA Architects (which work we had presented you before) is yet another example of an elegant home with stunning views and modern dynamic approach towards eclectic architecture and design.



Wooden sliding shutters and beautiful local stone walls hide the fragility of the glass constructs that composes the house design and introduces its modern ingenuity and characteristic architectural presence. Fallowing the brief of the client the architects firm SAOTA Architects had secured free open spaces for entreating guests and more privet, cozily arranged zones for the family.



The interior design is dominated by the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and its infinite blue. The decor is composed of natural materials and earthly organic colors and textures with a domination of the beige, a reference towards the sandy dunes which host the entire house project. The entwinement of wood and stone, glass, and soft light textures invites the imagination into a cozy, luxurious space composition. A mixture of modern and classic colonial furniture, bespoke fittings and designers details make the interior decor so unique and entertaining that time and close consideration are necessary for full appreciation. Although the luxury and the grand scale of the project are visible, its unique charm and unostentatious organic composition are elegant and invitingly homey.





The masters bedroom located on the upper (suspended) level of the house secures fantastic view towards the ocean and its rich, soft textural arrangement, and the romantic touch of the two knitted osier chairs situated in front of the panoramic wall makes the interior composition so inviting and relaxing.



The living zone premises with their great variety, from swimming deck to game room, offer multiple design arrangements and entertaining possibilities. But all of them are ideologically linked in monochrome design scheme led by the organic material palate and delicate beige color hues. Style, spacious luxury, and elegant charm entwine in this South African interior design project.