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Trendy Apartment with Concrete Walls and Glass Elements


Clear-lined stylistic, modern simplicity and eminent style characterize this project of ARCH. 625 located in the urban scenery of Moscow, Russia. Paying particular attention to the latest technologies and innovations of home architecture and design the creators of this contemporary elegance had composed a space worth exploring.



Using preferentially organic materials wood, oak, glass, linen, and concrete; for the composition of the architectural shell and the interior design of the apartment the architects created a space of pure forms, monumental and light at the same time with strong modernistic individuality. Row concrete slabs, almost industrial big open spaces, the whiteness of the base, make a magnificent canvas on which the bespoke wooden furniture and fittings, the trendy furnishing elements and the delicate textural details can stand out and form the personality of the space.




Many of the furniture in this modern apartment are designed by the architects from ARCH.625 including the modular sofa in the living room made entirely from linen – flexible and stylish, or the shelves and island oak bed, with glass back in the bedroom, very inviting indeed. The bright plastic chairs that are used in the living and dining premises are also trendy and fresh detail of the decor composition and are clever supplementation for the glass elements.



Those fashionable and artistic details (together with the lighting solutions scheme, the unique separation of space approach – glass and curtains) are making the individuality of the minimalist arrangement unforgettable and very personal. The kitchen is functional, urban in style and clear lined it, serves equally well for entering guests or tranquil family dinner. The entwinement of the pure whiteness of the base, the warmth of the wood, the stability of the concrete and the fragileness of the glass (or the crystal plastic furniture) compose one truly stylish and well-balanced dwelling.