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Chia Kitchen by FILD


CHIA kitchen was designed by FILD for ANOVA. It is a successful example of collaboration between a Ukrainian producer and a Ukrainian design studio. For the design environment in Ukraine, it is a complete novelty when a manufacturer takes the initiative to engage a designer into the creative process.

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FILD Design Company is based in Kiev and was founded by Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Fedorenko. For the last two years, FILD™ has earned recognition designing and producing minimalist objects, decor, and lighting, It is selling not only in Ukraine but also in European countries, America, Asia and even Australia. Therefore, the kitchen created is a recognizable style of the brand: simplicity of design, monochrome, minimalist lines and shapes.

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CHIA kitchen reflects the balance between technology and natural materials: wooden foundations are made of solid wood and plywood, for facade panels colored MDF was chosen, which is quite popular in Europe but is rarely used in Ukraine. For the wood treatment there is a natural oils option and for those who prefer a more sustainable surface – a varnish option. For the kitchen tabletop, the designer used high-tech laminates.

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Kitchen CHIA was created for the local, Ukrainian market, so the goal was to achieve affordability, practicality, functionality and aesthetics. The HAWA sliding system opens a door to an additional cooking surface. So, at extra small kitchen, you can find a functional shelving system, a cutting board niche, drawers, lighting, and sockets. CHIA has an option of the island with an integrated multifunctional panel for seasoning storage, oil bottles, knives, cutting boards, napkins, and cups. The panel sections are movable and can be transformed like a puzzle for more convenience. Photo by: Andrey Bezuglov

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