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Italian Apartment Renovation by Fulssocreativo


After its complete renovation, this small Italian apartment possesses undoubted contemporary elegance with hints of vintage charm. The architects from Fulssocreativo had inner connected the main living areas: kitchen and living zone – securing an abundance of light and a free flow of space and then, thanks to the smooth, gentle textures and colors, elegant and functional fittings and furnishing had created truly welcoming modern home.



The eclectic interior design of the apartment combines the latest fashions of contemporary furniture and design elements with delicate vintage additions (newly upholstered chairs from the 60s the time from when the original construct of the apartment dates), light color hues and tonalities with fresh green elements and warm home sensation with contemporary functionality of premise.


This duality play is visible in the materials palette as well – the gorgeous organic presence of the wooden floors is supplemented by innovative material surfaces (mainly in the kitchen area) that are functional and easy to maintain. The kitchen exudes contemporary minimalism and charm but the joined dining area with its playful lighting and setting details (with the vintage spirit of the 60s of course) adds individuality and charm. Renown Italian brands for the furniture:  Moroso and Mutina; for the lighting solutions: Fabbian and Domino Cucine and Kerakoll Design House for the finishing’s add style and quality to the design arrangement.    Photography by Mattia Aquila