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Elegant and Very Artistic Villa Kristina by Wingardhs


This contemporary jewel is a dreamy, cozy home for a young family located in the surrounding neighborhoods of Gothenburg, Sweden. The architects from Wingardhs succeeded to entwine in this project the innovative spirit of contemporary Scandinavian architecture, the artistry of unique love and a hint of seaside romance: visible in the light colors and playful details.



The house is fresh, elegant and very artistic. The entire architectural construct shoes the clever consideration of the surrounding – the inner courtyard secures the privacy and the fresh air for the main living premises, roof terrace and elevated architectural constructs (a contemporary read on the towers of a fortress) ensure the views towards the distant sea and the surrounding neighborhood. The house is not only beautiful and with unique character, but it also follows the latest innovations in house – construction and aims a small footprint and sustainability.

The facade is clad entirely in whitewashed (Sioo treated) smooth-planed spruce that will age gracefully to a pale gray. Simplicity and elegance are visible throughout the entire house not only in the facade. The interior offers a rich variety of natural materials and soft textures. The abundance of wood – of course as cladding, as furnishing and decorative elements is supplemented by stylish metal constructs (the staircase and lattice that lead to the workroom) and elegant textiles. The main social area is the kitchen with the long, beautiful dining table around which playful chairs in different fresh colors bring the sensation of vacation leisure time with family and friends.


The living room is an emanation of contemporary Scandinavian design: the modern furniture composition in bold colors red, yellow and blue: is supplemented by playful designers’ lamp creation and balanced by the minimalist architectural shell and the painting (as a final touch that rounds the entire composition). So combining and balancing modern and classic (visible in the wooden constructs and the design of the courtyard), playful and elegant, cozy and minimalist the architects created one beautiful, comfortable and contemporary home with a unique spirit and memorable character. And as its designers say.., “a small house that dreams to be big” – well it is, it is.