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Organically Sculptured Wooden Decor at RAW Restaurant in Taipei


Architecture firm Weijenberg have worked together with Chef André Chiang to create RAW, a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan.



The conversation between Weijenberg and Chef André Chiang to design a new restaurant in Taipei started in late 2013. It quickly became clear that André’s gastronomic vivid imagination combined with design studio’s artistic vision would set both on a course to create a restaurant reflecting the physic and wild nature in its name RAW.


The restaurant design tells a story about how Chef André’s food can be experienced. Diners step into the eatery across a wooden path entering a tranquil lounge area designed to lead customers on a journey and create a gentle transition from the bustling streets of Taipei.


A soft edge organically sculptured wooden structure meet the guests, and as they move into the main restaurant space, this wooden structure merges to form the center of RAW surrounding by the dining area. Customers sit at tailor-made tables with lighting that creates a stage for the food, drawing customers closer to the table and each other.