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Inspired by Nature Collection of Wallpaper by Texturae


After two months since its debut at the Fuorisalone, the new design wallpaper brand Texturae is happy to introduce its first theme series – Flora and Fauna, totally inspired by nature, crystallized in visions suspended between graphics and photography. Realistic, ironic, dreamlike or visionary, the creations Texturae selected for this first series use familiar elements to turn them into symbols, exalt the details to build up a new system capable of – at once – adapting to and shaping space and walls. Conceived by the talented designers selected by entrepreneurs Daniele Morabito and Dario Pulitanò – together with Art Director Serena Confalonieri – to create the first collection Texturae, flora and fauna escape the clichés of realism to change into graphic elements from another world.

wallpaper texturae 8

wallpaper texturae 11

wallpaper texturae 6

wallpaper texturae 5

wallpaper texturae 7

wallpaper texturae 4

wallpaper texturae 3

wallpaper texturae 12

wallpaper texturae 9

wallpaper texturae 1