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Dynamic and Elegant Italian Apartment by Flussocreativo


Italian modernism, comfortable functionalism, and eminent style – this project of Flussocreativo design studio located in Brescia is all that … and more. Created for a young couple with dynamic and elegant taste the apartment is located on the last floor of 90-ts year old building – a traditional Italian apartment in a sense – but in another – not so traditional at all.




The apartment is small and consists of two bedrooms and inner-connected living premises – kitchen, dining zone and living room area. The designers have chosen smart and functional arrangement for the restrained space- the kitchen area is separated by two kitchen islands that offer all essential commodities for the needs of the family and the food preparation proses. Next to the kitchen zone a small niche – with an office like functions – ads charm and everyday life functionality to the arrangement.





The living area resembles an island that holds sofa, table, and chairs, all concentrated in a single elegantly realized element with a natural oak finish for the table, dark fabric for the couch and chairs. A color combination that contrast and at the same time supplements the black and gray resin floor and the light walls of the architectural shell. The restrained and elegant color palate that can be observed throughout the interior design of the apartment is typical stylish touch for the designers. This modern and functional combination: hues of gray, white and black spiced up by delicate color touches and details; is very comfortable for creating cozy and ad the same time contemporary ambiance. The modern details of the furnishing – like the minimalist lamps that create a beautiful geometrical pattern, or the urban style details – like the paper bag decorations or vintage elements add character and cram to the stylish combination of the customized furniture and fittings.  Photography by Mattia Aquila