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A Series of Innovative Objects by Nir Meiri Design Studio


Nir Meiri design studio offers an out of the ordinary approach to everyday objects. Carefully selected materials, often raw and wild, are shaped into clean-cut forms, creating innovative products that play on the tension between the domesticated and the untamed. Questions about the ethics of design are often reflected in Meiri’s work, and New Mexico is no different.






New Mexico

The work is based on the long-standing investigation of forms and materiality, playing on the tension between the domesticated and the untamed, handcraft and industrialism. New Mexico reflects the designer fascination with ethical design and the questions it raises. This series addresses the key issue of design consumption today, versus green thinking, and the possibility of creating a lifestyle in which design is strongly present, alongside an awareness of the environment and values like recycling, upcycling and locality. The use of ready-made clay pots, 3D printed parts and wood, opens a discussion of the user as the center of the design process and suggest the option for future customization of such products. This project is in collaboration with fab-lab il.





The inspiration for this design comes from nature. The vase is like “blooming” from the ground, rising up like a flower and hosting a vessel that contains the “nectar” (water). In this design, different kinds of materials were chosen to express interest in creating a new and surprising combinations. Three materials to assemble these vases: copper, wood (ipea – walnut – maple) and glass. The wood was carefully selected to emphasise their natural colors and vivid textures. Using different materials and shapes in an elegant and surprising way.