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Vaucluse House in Sydney with Inviting Natural Ambiance


The raw finishes and the organic ambiance of this stylish home located in Sydney, Australia are spiced up by trendy dark and black elements, beautiful lighting pieces and custom made furniture. The designers Lawless & Meyerson had employed their passion for quality and eye for the detail in composing one serene, organic atmosphere with rich textural combinations: the raw concrete of the architectural construct is supplemented by gorgeous wood presence as furniture, cladding, and even decor details and textiles that bring warmth and homey sensation into the interior composition.



The premises are open and full of light, multiple windows and glass doors introduce the natural illumination from various angles and enrich additionally the natural combinations of the material palette and the earthly tonalities of the color compositions. This warm composition is so welcoming and homey. We love the way in which the designers entwine the modern, the functional and the masculine warmth of the natural details. Living zones are inner connected without visual borders where the trendy black details  – like the TV firewall in the sitting area, or the dining table in the living zone, or kitchen island and its bar stoles. Create a visual secession of linked elements that accretes integrity to the design composition.



The beautiful design details spread throughout the home premises: special attention need to be paid to the small round chairs that read the rural Australian aesthetics in contemporary way, or the whimsical bathtub side-table made from wooden stump covered with lime, or the textile walls in the master bedroom, or the bespoke shelving in the living zone – are not only the signature touch of thoughtful and ever design but also a characteristic addition to the interior composition. We also love the knitted lamps that resemble a fishing net hanging above the dining tables in a charming and artistic way. A home that brings pleasure for the senses and introduces enjoyable aesthetics and modern read on natural combinations and ethnic details.  Photography by Justin Alexander