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Elegant Mustique Sofa by Gordon Guillaumier


Maltese designer Gordon Guillaumier designed Mustique for Lema, a comfortable sofa, perfect for closed configurations, at best in the leather version, wide and elegant but essential and formal as well, whose name refers to an island of the Grenadines, recalling the idea of a live and happy place, destined to relax and resting spirit holidays.


A structure consisting of two “Hs” in burnished or brushed metal, with a thin section, supporting the upholstered linear base unit, covered by the seat cushions, creating a soft double layer making the design more linear.


Cushions are all regular in shape, a parallelepiped, in different sizes according to the functions, and coverings – available in fabric, leather, eco-leather, all in a wide color range – are rendered more precious by a detailed sewing following and underlining each shape.


A calibrated composition offers a balanced design, a sort of neo-plastic composition where each unit is correctly placed and plays its role. Soft surfaces with rounded corners stand out for the additional high cushions, bent to follow the back.