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Claremont Residence by Keen Architecture


Light and modern with fish emanation and easy to maintain this contemporary home in Claremont, Australia has a modern (and in a way typical for the nowadays contemporary Australian architecture) facade composed from glass, steel, concrete and wooden lattice. The timber screened balcony of the master suite that punches through the steel portal frame creates an interesting and characteristic dynamics of the construct. The interior arrangement of the house is spacious light and plays with fresh combinations between modern, classic and simple, using the natural material palette and earthy tones of the decoration.






Entwining timber cladding, concrete structures and white fittings the architects from Keen Architecture composed functional, warm and contemporary home. The light color hues that combine the classical gray, white, timber and light blue compositions bring elegant and unpretentious atmosphere which is supplemented by numerous bespoke designs options that create a truly tailored space. The modern art pieces that are spread sparingly throughout the premises bring charm and characteristic element to the design arrangement.




Specific spaces, terraces, inner courtyards and elegant architectural structures combined with the luxurious functionally of the home compose the modern character of the inhabitable heart of the project. The white deer that occurs as a design element in different contexts throughout the house – as a pillow embroidery or sculpture (and even in the architectural construct of the leaping white sunshade on the roof terrace) becomes a kind of signature detail of this home – with its elegant grace and ease.  Photography by Dion Robeson